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Still exhausted. Have another bug.

I am tired down to the bones from all this travel and there is still work to do, but today I just played with rocks in the garden and took pictures of caterpillars.

bandedtussocksmlI’m a Banded Tussock Caterpillar! LOOK AT MY AWESOME MUSTACHE!

Some day soon I hope to be back on my normal work schedule.

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Awesome mustache is AWESOME!

Welcome home to your garden.

Helllo I'm heather enjoyed reading your blog.great job

I love these caterpillar pictures. We have a bloom of terrifyingly large (and benign) dramatically-marked spiders this month, and rarely get caterpillars beyond the inchworm class of things.

Thanks for reminding us to look a little more closely! And for this mid-Victorian patriarch.

Have you ever checked out Alex Wild's blog (below)? He's an ant biologist, so much of his insect photography is ant-focused, but he's also a great enthusiast of insects of many stripes, and takes incredible insect photos.

I love reading about all of your backyard adventures, BTW. We live on a fascinating planet. I'm waiting to see you start drawing insects.


I'm beginning to wonder if you are building these critters with pipe-cleaners and cross-stitching floss!

I live in NC too and I have never seen such creatures! LOL

This needs a like button!!!

The Tussock Caterpillar is an awesome mustache!

You surely know this already, but a warning to others: if you see a caterpillar that's fuzzy like this, as a rule of thumb, you shouldn't touch it. Most of the time those hairs are irritating and can give you a nasty, stinging rash.

Normal work schedule.

Yes, I've heard that these things exist. For other people. I wonder what they're like?

I am envious of your caterpillars. Around here we just get the gray-green grublike varieties, with an occasional wooly-bear invasion.

It's like a mustache WITH a mustache!!! Squee!

What a cool looking critter!!

What an amazing caterpillar!

I remember those from when I was growing up in PA. I wonder what they turn into. Ah, bless the web, which didn't exist back then.

Oh, those things.

"Rugged, self-assured, adult…these are the words who describe a man who wears a mustache. Like...a fireman! Or...or someone's dad!" - The Tick

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