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Hell With It

I have been trying for three days to make Real Art. Art that was interesting and complex and which I could look at and go “I have made a Cool Thing and the world is better for it.”

After one questionable and one outright miserable failure that self-destructed, I have returned to my artistic roots.


Horrifyingly, I actually feel a little better now.

Originally published at Tea with the Squash God. You can comment here or there.


You are way too hard on yourself.

I know what you mean. Sometimes I look at the artwork of others and despair because I could never do anything that moving and wonderful no matter how hard I tried.

But you do make art that is interesting and complex and cool, and the world is a better place for it. That is why people pay you so they can hang your art in their homes.

You have a unique style and vision, and the skill to manifest it. Your work is a blessing to those around you.

You have made a Cool Thing, and the world is better for it.

Seriously. You know how many people are going to smile when they see that?

That illo cheered me up a *lot*, so you've made the world better to that extent.

Seriously, I don't think I've seen anything else that's funny with so much raw intensity. Maybe you're bringing high art to the ridiculous.

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This made me smile, so the world IS better for it! hooray!

Is that a battle spoon? or a hiking spoon? or is it just something shiny that the fairy picked up because it’s shiny?

Devoted readers of Danny Dragonbreath are aware that fairies have a major thing for spoons.

Is there some sort of algorithm to compute how much the world is made better by contemplation of Serious Art vs. how much the world is made better by people smiling and chuckling at a stupid fairy sketch?

I'd lay money on the fairy sketch coming out ahead.

Second this! People can just plain *enjoy* something like this; they don't have to ponder the meaning, and figure out the symbolism and weigh long winded critiques. We can just smile or giggle and agree, or argue, and have FUN with it.

"Making the world a better place" is seldom done through "big" things; it's all the little things pulled/pulling together. Remember the saying "a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step out your door"? The thousand mile journey is a big thing, but it's made up of many thousands of little things, and it is IN THOSE LITTLE THINGS that joy and inspiration are found.
You & Sandra Boynton both put up illos today on Twitter that will bring smiles to many many more people than would have access to/feel comfortable with "real art" of the "meaningful" variety. Go you!

The lion says, "is that available as a print?"

As a musical collaborator suggested one day after I tried and failed to make music besides bouncy synthpop, "Embrace your aesthetic."


That's a good cartoon!

Well, that just made my miserable rainy day a bit brighter, so there!

I'm not fond of Real Art; it makes me feel unsophisticated and uneducated. Your art? Makes me smile and makes the world a better place. Last week I had dinner with a new friend. When I saw your art on her wall I had a "These are my people" moment. Thank you!

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I get this. Oh do I get this. I am trying to do a mood piece for studio 2 with land scape and trees and moodyness (with fog even!) and it is grinding along like a limping snake with lumbago. I sat down last night a whacked out a voodoo flamingo with a dead shrimp necklace and a Rincewind hat in about an hour and I felt so much better I could cry. Sometimes you just have to do the things you are best at. Maybe I should put a 'mingo in the landscape.....

Ok, I'd like to see THAT! :)

I got home tired, sore and grumpy. That little sketch put a smile on my face, and thus it made the world a better place.

IMV art doesn't have to be big and complex, small and silly does just as well.

If you're not failing, you're not pushing yourself far enough.

Grats on failing, it's a good sign.

"ART" or "Fine Art" often reminds me of the story of the Emperor's New Clothes - where the entire populace, including the emperor and his court, are all conned into paying a lot of money for a clever scam because none of them wanted to admit that they weren't aesthetic enough to see what actually was not there. If a piece of "art" needs a manefesto to explain it, they're doin' it wrong. Although they might have a really good marketing agent working on selling their "art".

Ursula, your artwork IS art. It says things that can't be said in words. They might be silly, or profound, or something else. The technique isn't the point, although I've watched yours improve on your more finished pieces over the years. The point is you're a rare artist who can both write and draw/paint. Go with it. And that's a great cartoon too.

This; art is something that speaks to you, something that stirs the emotions - and laughter is a powerful reaction.