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A Small Field Guide


Originally published at Squash's Garden. You can comment here or there.


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In fairness, they hover at flowers just like a hummingbird, so it's not completely out there.

I saw one of these (or a related moth) a while back, in flight. It was hard to see the antennae, since it barely stayed still long enough to focus on it, and it had the green coloration of the typical hummingbird. I totally thought it was a hummingbird at first (forget baby, that sucker was full sized), except the underside (with all the legs tucked up against the body) looked weird. Had to go online and search for hummingbird moth before I was sure of what I'd seen.

I saw a Clearwing here in Tucson just after sunset in an unlit garden, snacking on some Penstemmon, and I will totally admit to squeeing that I had seen a 'nocturnal hummingbird.' You've been out this way, I'm pretty sure you said-- you know we get bombarded with hummers here (they're total thugs, they make short little dives at my cats and sound like computer music with attitude) and it was pretty dark and... um. Yeah. **laughs weakly, edges away**

I saw "hummingbirds" in Spain. They moved too fast to see properly, just like real hummingbirds, and I only decided that they were moths by close examination of the pictures, combined with the fact that there aren't hummingbirds in Europe.

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