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A Small Field Guide


Originally published at Squash's Garden. You can comment here or there.


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This may be too scientifically accurate!

One of my favorite parts of the Hidden Almanac is playing the "at what point does this stop being legitimate advice?" game. 'Cause, I mean, most of the gardening tips start off sounding like something I've actually read, and then I try to pinpoint the exact moment it breaks off into surreality. I was actually buying into the zucchini-tini for a good while. >.>

In other news, I need you to come back to San Jose. So that I can feed you again. I promise no novelty marshmallow flavors.

*laugh* Some of the garden advice actually IS good, god help us all. Some of it is also making fun of garden advice, which is a very obscure sort of thing and probably only funny to me.

Hey, despite not having a garden I have a minor encyclopedia of garden advice stored somewhere in the back of my brain. That's actually my favorite part of Hidden Almanac. The territory is familiar until it's really, really not.

As a fellow gardener, I laugh out loud at the Hidden Almanac almost every time. Just so you know.

I liked the deer fence made of extraneous zucchini.

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