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The Mourning Cloak

Well, okay. One more. (Not a series!)


Originally published at Squash's Garden. You can comment here or there.

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...and now I've got a mental image of butterfly boot camp, with caterpillars.

"Move it ya maggots, you want to live forever?" - butterfly drill instructor.

Yaaay! My favorite butterfly! <3

Also my favorite...

...along with the little Common Blue.

It's like a tiny pokemon, getting into battles..

When you mentioned this guy on KUEC, I was TOTALLY seeing a medium sized butterfly fluttering in cadence with teeny tiny boots on two legs, a toothpick sized rifle held against one wing and chanting to itself. I'm still waiting for that picture, FYI. I will pay.

Now I want an "I'm Fierce!" Mourning Cloak butterfly vinyl to stick onto my car. I will pay.

Now I have the chant "I'm a mourning cloak and that's no joke! invade my yard you'll get a poke from my wings in your face. Get out of here! It's my place" in a suitably marine style!

(Not a series!)

Sure, sure, that's what you said when you did the black-and-white scribbly exercise while watching Animal Planet all those years ago...

Maybe not a series, but one more and you're up to Enemy Action.

These are delightful.

I love the wombat. So much.

If not a series, then maybe a "recurring feature"?

These are fun!

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I think it's sad that wombats are not also found in North America. Or anywhere else. They need to be world-wide.

(And so do echidnas)

The problem is inadequate supplies of wom. If you imported some, I am sure they would be there to bat it. But we all know what ursulav thinks of invasive species - so no chance,

(Deleted comment)

Re: Great opportunity

How about no.

Re: Great opportunity

How did that get through the spam filters!?

I would too. So glad to know I'm not the only one.

There needs to be a print of this. Just saying.

Territorial butterflies are delightful. Every year or so, a red admiral claims our front yard and defends it against all comers. Fierce indeed!

I love these (moth guides). <3

Yay non-series! Yay militant butterflies!

Did you happen to see this yahoo video about a Pet Wombat?!

I need to see a warrior butterfly depending its territory against invading butterflies. It might make a great comic.

has he gone after you or even better one of the dogs?

hmmmm.....Why do I suspect that these territorial instincts are the reason these are the only butterflies the cats seem to catch?

Although I guess they can take some solace in the scare I got when I saw my little black cat running around with one in her mouth, Silence of the Lambs style - couldn't figure out _what_ was wrong with her face.

But I guess now that I know, I will have to keep an eye out for them, and try to take their side against the cats. Or at least enjoy watching them try to chase the cats out of their territory.

Oh my gods, I love these.

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