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A Public Service Announcement

This is not a webcomic. It’s merely a series of related panels with word balloons.

It's also very long, so I'm putting it behind a cut.


Originally published at Squash's Garden. You can comment here or there.

The Luna Moth may even get to star in a sedative commercial on TV!

No big moths like them here in Europe, but this counts for many animals! Rake some leaves on a pile in a corner of your garden, or into an open cardboard box for maximum coziness. The hedgehogs will be happy :)

This is not a webcomic.

Keep telling yourself that! I adore these!

I adore these! And they give me another reason to leave the leaves alone.

To be fair, don't we ALL want "collapse of sexual exhaustion" to be listed on our death certificates?

I'd kinda like "Used up his 12th Regeneration" on mine.

Death by sexual exhaustion, w00t!

Delurking after many years to say thank you so much for posting this on a very stressful day - I needed to laugh. The tiny fists! Seriously, I'm glad to hear they can survive some raking. We gently rake our leaves to the edge of the yard and pile 'em deep, but I worried that even this activity might cause some damage.

Also, mulching with a mower is right out.

I like that!

Sump'm weird, though. It looks fine right now, as I'm seeing it on its own display page. But on my f-page, after I clicked the cut tag, it was squashed flat, vertically compressed 50%.

I'm loving these! Fun, cute, witty, AND informative!

We don't waste leave by burning them. We make COMPOST! That said, it is only the lawns we rake, so there are plenty of leaf piles elsewhere.

Chrysalises in my yard are safe from raking, much less incineration. I'm hoping they're reasonably dog-paw resistant, though.

I have more garden than trees so I take all my leaves and some of my neighbors' leaves and just stack them on all my garden beds all winter. Moths can come hang out at my place.

We're pretty laissez-faire as far as the yard/woods go, so I only rake once every coupla years, and usually in the spring. Used to just leave 'em but yellow jackets like nesting under leaves too. Guys cutting down my lightning tree were not happy.