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Like A Real Author With Pants

Soooo….let’s just sweep the chaos of the last twenty-four hours aside for the moment…

Hi, internet! I have a new novella out! It is live and there are no more horrifying errors with chapter duplication! You should read it!

On Smashwords

On Amazon

It will propagate out to other sites when Smashwords gets around to it, so Nook, Kobo, and (god willing) iBooks versions will be coming soon. (Watch this space! Or Twitter!) If you’re impatient, however, you can get an ePub version on Smashwords that will work just fine on an iPad. (Easiest way is to either buy it and e-mail it to yourself, or buy it using the iPad.)

Now, as to what the story is about…well, it’s about goblins. And Sings-to-Trees the elf. (Remember him? This takes place before the Elf/Orc thing, though.)

This is a small epic fantasy, if that makes any sense. It is fun. And because I am starting to think such things need warnings, this story will not force you into painful personal growth, it will not tear your heart out, it will not unmake you. These characters are hopefully people you’ll want to spend a few hours with and maybe come back to occasionally when the world is being unkind…that’s all.

There is nothing wrong with those other things and the world is better for them existing, but sometimes I just want a fun little book with goblins and kittens and elven veterinarians, so that’s what I wrote.

Thank you to various parties who jumped on the various bugs from yesterday–you were all gracious and awesome and helpful. (And again, if you have downloaded a Kindle version before midnight, it may have the chapter bug–download the update, should be all good. Sorry for the inconvenience–I’m new to this!) As always, my readers are the coolest ever about being dragged along the Learning Curve with me.

I will post more about Horrifying Learning Experiences another day. Until then…well, hey, novella! And if it does well, and as the chaos of yesterday fades in memory, perhaps there will be more.

Thank you to everyone who bought a copy–you rock!

And–oh, yeah, I’m supposed to do this marketing thing (sorry, I’m bad at it.) If you have a review site and would like a review copy for the reviewing, shoot me an e-mail at ursulav (at) gmail.com with a link to the site and I will happily send you a free copy!

Is that everything? Am I doing this right?

ETA: Ah, right–two quick things! Kindle version on Amazon is arguably better than Kindle version on Smashwords, due to Smashwords Meatgrinder formatting, which hates things like “Table of Contents.” However, other than some slight centering offsets, it shouldn’t be too disruptive to read either version.

I arguably make about the same amount of money either way, so pick whichever one you like if that’s one of your concerns–if you don’t want to support The Evil River, I quite understand!

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I gotta say, I didn't expect a novella to be so....long. I'm about 76% of the way through (so saieth Kindle Cloud Reader), and I'm just at Chapter 17. Amazon estimates it's 147 pages long. I've read novels shorter than that.

This isn't to say it's bad, but is it really a novella?

Well...technically it is skating just over the edge, if you consider 40K to be a novella's upper boundary. (I think it's 41K, with all padding for copyright/about the author/ etc.)

But it's so close, I'd rather people feel like they got a big novella rather than a thin novel, ya know?

Yaaaay! I'm buying this as soon as I get my paycheck. In fact, if more sales will convince you to finish the Elf/Orc thing, I'll even buy two! (I really want to read the Elf/Orc thing!!

YIPPEE!! A alassie lisse! (I hope I got that right...)

This was a wonderful little story about goblins. I really enjoyed it.

The deer are probably my favorite part.

I know this was just a novella...but I would like more stories about them all if you ever feel like writing them. I love all the characters. :)

Clearly I am new to this, but does amazon also sell a normal epub? I have a Kobo and prefer not to sign up for yet another site (SmashWords)
Actually I want to buy via amazon.co.uk which says it won't sell ebooks to me because I am not in the UK. That makes sense. *eyeroll*

Alas, no--just Kindle via Amazon. Smashwords has the biggest choice of formats, and theoretically they will push it out to the Kobo store at...some point. (This, alas, is not apparently knowable.)

If all else fails, e-mail me?

Ah, shame, thought I could save myself some hassle. No matter, I'll just sign up for smashwords then :-)

Not sure if it's to your taste (signing up for another site is probably less trouble and may provide better results), but if you use Calibre, you can install an add in to strip DRM from Kindle books to let you convert them to other formats. Less useful in this one specific case than if you wish to do so on a regular basis.

Rather than providing a link that will get the comment marked as spam, I will suggest Googling for:
HowToGeek strip Kindle DRM

Which provides instructions and links to the relevant bits and pieces...

Last time I looked you are so much a real author with actual pants your editor had to order an extra wardrobe! :-)

I bought it yesterday, read it this afternoon, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The deer were my favorite part, with Blanchette's teddy a close second.

Personally I prefer to be without pants in most instances.

So looking forward to reading it^^