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Thrush-Bob Returns!

Seriously. I did a whole article on it here.

Nice to have a bright spot after that…um…”vacation.”

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> and don’t even ask me about my alignment.

Chaotic Good. D'UH. :)

Seconded. Anything else is unimaginable.

Lovely article, Ursula! And I do know what you mean about DisneyWorld -- a bit of a grind. (I have Joanne, my own "teenager" -- in the form of a middle-aged woman -- my significant other, who adores the Disney megaplex with a childlike intensity.)

And your thrust-friend coming back! I know birds DO just that; they seem to have amazing memories. Here in Florida, we had an annoying cardinal who adored pooping on Joanne's car's side-mirror! Every few days -- like it was his own personal outhouse. HIM we don't need to see again this season!

Hugz, J

Well, there was another cardinal in there! Of course he pooped on it.

Took me a minute -- but, yeah, gotcha!

Actually, what did dissuade him was us tying plastic bags over the side mirrors (he was an equal-opportunity pooper). But we'd have to take them off (and put them BACK on) every freaking time we drove the damned car.

Hurray for Thrush-Bob! You definitely needed him to visit.

Hooray for thrush-bob! (And hoping your morning visit goes/went great.)

Thrush-Bob loves you.

Or your mealworms.

Or, most likely, both.

Edited at 2013-11-11 08:32 pm (UTC)

I had a pair of thrushes migrate through my yard on Oct. 18 this year. I think they were Swainson's.

While I was squeeing over the thrushes, a friend called to say that there was a FREAKY looking bird in her yard. It flew into her garage when her husband almost stepped on it (scared the husband too!), and knocked itself out. Friend lives in the inner city and got an American Woodcock as a yardbird! (It was fine and flew away before we'd even managed to ID it.)

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