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One of these days, when I actually have a month I’m not traveling (or weeping gently over the next load of Dragonbreath art) I should do a drawing a day thing. I don’t actually enjoy drawing all that much (I love painting, and drawing is the necessarily evil step TO painting) and maybe if I had to get in the habit of drawing random crap, I’d loosen up a bit and not spend so much time glaring at my sketchbooks. Although I’d want to do it digitally.

(I should also figure out how to set up one of those live-drawing cam things so that people can see my dreadful technique and marvel that I ever manage to produce anything that looks like another thing.)

Won’t be this month, though. Off to Minneapolis to sign Digger omnibuses on Saturday.

Anyway, random twenty-minute doodle.


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And now I want a riding guinea pig for Xmas. My husband will be thrilled.

All I want for Xmas...

Me, I want the card. Will you be putting this on a greeting card? Maybe through "zazzle.com" or cafepress?

Put a light brown mask over it, give it only one eye, and I know that guinea pig. (He wasn't nearly that big, but thought he was.)

One-Eyed Jack, ruler of the household and terrorizer of St. Bernards. (I have a picture of him somewhere with him sitting in the middle of the dog bed, with the St. Bernard looking on in consternation.)

That is one grumpy-looking guinea pig there.

Huh. Fezzes are cool, even when worn by a guinea pig.

For me it's the fez that really makes it!

I love this! The fez, the expressions (we are obviously not worthy of the dust beneath their feet), the gloves -- you do such amazing things with details.

i love the expression on the riding Guinea pig's face. Fez's are cool!

I've been trying to make myself do more sketching again lately. Been fucking around with some digital stuff but honestly I just keep on coming back to a physical book and a pen or a pencil; not having any kind of undo available helps keep me from taking any of my sketching quite so seriously, and that's nice.

I'm not trying any kind of "daily drawing" thing, but I've made a tumblr for the express purpose of posting sketches of Random Crap Draw From Reality and it keeps kind of hanging in the back of my mind, waiting to be filled - which reminds me to pull out a sketchbook and draw when I'm out somewhere with time to kill instead of looking at Twitter.

*grin* See, I'm the opposite--the fact that I CAN undo makes me loosen up. Mind you, I learned to draw on a computer, so it may just be a return to my roots...

My process is wholly digital NOW but my roots are on paper. Ain't nothin' like just drawing some inconsequential shit in pen or pencil for me.

And then there's loonies like Edward Sorel, who does finished work direct in pen...

Edit. On the other hand the last few times I've done formal life drawing it's been with Illustrator and my tablet, so really it varies.

Edited at 2013-11-15 06:32 pm (UTC)

I love your drawings. Always. But I look forward to having your signature on my copy of Digger.

Anyway, take it easy. Anybody who intentionally goes to Disney World with two adolescent males deserves rest. Sure is a good thing you can outshoot them.

That guinea pig went to Disney World with you, didn't he? And that's why he looks so ticked off?

Will there be any sort of author meet up while you are in Minnesota? Or will you be too busy signing all the Diggers?

I...hadn't actually thought about it. Um. Let me think about it. *grin* It may take a day of signing all the Diggers to have any idea what my schedule is doing...

That is totally understandable. Also, if you are not too busy, you should visit the Minnesota Zoo. We have penguins and pigeons, and rhinoceros horn bills. (Also a quickly growing baby tapir.)

When the kids were small and I brought them up with 2nd edn. AD&D, I wrote out some "silly spells" with the intent of sending them to Dragon magazine for their April issue. Never did, but one of them was "Silence Fifteen-Foot Guinea Pig", created by Mandel the Bemused after the success of his Enlarge Animal spell. The physical component was a leaf (or head) of lettuce, and the verbal component "Shaddup, stupid!:

Through experience I have learned that you must include the material component. The uttered words alone are insufficient to halt the noise generated by even standard-sized guineas.

Please set up a live drawing thing! I have learned so much from watching the two artists I know that do this and I would dearly love to see the horrible technique that get's you to this in twenty minutes. You would be contributing to the education of your future minions.

Like I said, I use webcammax.
Cracked version though.
But it allows you to show a portion of your desktop, cutting out Photoshop tools etc.

Heh, a riding cavy. I recall seeing one of those in your exhibit at Anthrocon 2005.

That one had a snippet of text to go together with it, about cavy mounts losing their elderly riders...

The Roma tribes of the East Cabbage Wastes were proud of their riding cavies. The cavies were unsure of the arrangement, but put up with it for the sake of something other than cabbage to eat.

What does it say that I thought this was a capybara? In a very stylish fez?

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