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So according to Smashwords, Nine Goblins has been approved for “Premium” status, which means it’s supposed to go to the various other bookstores.

It’s in the Barnes & Noble Nook store.  (yay!)

Not, alas, up in the iTunes or Kobo stores yet. Does anyone with more experience about this sort of thing know how long roll-out takes on those?


(And, since they tell me I’m supposed to be marketing or something feebly resembling it, you can totally order Nine Goblins on Amazon and through Smashwords!)

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I already bought it on Smashwords and gave the link to my family, too (they loved Nurk!).


It's okay. Nothing's wrong. Once SW has approved a title for Premium, it takes a while to filter through to all the outlets, as they transfer books over in big bunches once or twice a week, I think. Then the outlets have to get them listed. I've noticed that iTunes and Kobo take a while, too. So everything's still in the pipeline and well within standard annoying wait times!

*nod* iTunes can take a week to several weeks, depending. Kobo has taken about the same amount, also depending. (And once entirely lost my stuff for no reason, so it had to be re-shipped.) Sony? Don't hold your breath, but eventually it should show up. Diesel is often pretty quick, but... I never sell anything via there. It's very sad. Blio is the same or worse, and generally takes half-past forever.

(Good luck!)

I'm on a board with someone who is reading/has read it. She may be getting you a convert or two by posting favorite quotes.

My experience is the same as archangelbeth's. With a side order of "had to contact Smashwords after several months" as one title never made it to Kobo and another never made it to iTunes.

A Fluffier, Meaner Sharknado

A lone cello screams
A cursed note to cut the night
And call forth the wind.

A cold swirl of leaves
skitters across the stone,
gathering its force.

A yowl gains dark strength.
Claws scrabble on rough gravestones.
The Catnado comes.

(Posted here because I thought it might amuse you and you might need the funny after all the media issues.)

Edited at 2013-11-22 03:34 am (UTC)

Yay Nine Goblins! I loved it and especially the take on magic and wizards. And I have a little crush on Sings To Trees :-)

I was amused to see your original Smashwords announcement, as in my friends list it appeared just above my own SW ebook announcement, October 29th. But I made mine as soon as I'd been approved for Premium, and the Nook store was the first to pick it up, with Diesel following swiftly behind.

I'm still waiting for Kobo, iTunes and Sony, three weeks later. :-/

Bought via Amazon.
Devoured that same evening.
Delighted. :)

Yay! I do my ebooking via B&N because I have a nook e-reader (I now read on my phone, but use their ap). Went ahead and picked it up. :D Look forward to reading it soon.

Now on iTunes

I just found it on iTunes! (No sooner found than bought.)


Maaaan, I just finished Nine Goblins and it was so much fun. xD But it's making me want more Elf vs. Orc. :D

Good job, I loved it. :)

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