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The Last Trump, With Birds

So I had this dream last night…

In between the usual complicated foolishness, I was birdwatching. There was a beach with a strange watery bridge over it, and on the bridge were enormous dippers (a bird) and piebald herons and other birds that probably don’t really exist. I looked around vaguely for Tina to come tell me what the birds were, because I couldn’t recognize them, and was that a swimming sparrow? Huh.

Then suddenly the Archangel Michael landed in the middle of the beach, in a glory of wings, and apparently it was the Last Judgement, the End of Days, all that good stuff.

He was accompanied by a four-winged Beast covered in eyes (because I READ the Book of Revelations at a formative age, thank you!) and an elderly, rather genial man in robes.

“Pardon,” I said to the old man in robes, “can you tell me, do archangels count as birds? Can I put them on my lifelist?”

“Sorry,” he said, “they’re not birds. But the Beast Before the Throne there is pretty close, and I think you can count him if you get a good look.”

“Thank you,” I said, training my bins on the four-winged Beast covered in eyes. “You’re the Prophet Elijah, aren’t you?”

“That’s me.”

“I should go mention this to my friends,” I said, once I’d noted the fieldmarks on the Beast.

“Oh, probably.”

I packed up my bins and went back to my friends, who were at the bar. “So, it’s the end of the world,” I said. “We might want to get out of here.”

“Can’t just yet,” said one of them, carefully weighing little metal bits into a scale. “If we leave now, there’s a chance it’ll end badly.”

“Okay,” I said, looking toward the sliding glass doors that were, for some reason, on one side of the beach, “but we shouldn’t stick around too long.”

Something that looked like a fairy jumped from an upper window and landed hard on the ground. “You should have used your wings,” I said, as he picked himself up.

“I’m trying to learn how to do without them,” he said.

“Well, I guess that’s a good skill to have. Great landing, then.”

I wandered into an elevator, where an ancient dog lay on the floor, on a filthy blanket. “Want to come with me?” I asked the dog, a very old Rottweiler/Doberman sort of dog. He sighed, heaved himself up, and came with me.

A black panther wandered down the corridor and gave me a disdainful look. The old dog growled. On the beach below, I could hear the sounds of the end of the world.

Originally published at Tea with the Squash God. You can comment here or there.

I've been reading about you birding too much. I thought of putting the Archangel on your lifelist two paragraphs before you asked Elijah.

Lovely! Angels aren't birds! (reminds me of hobbes' calvin's report on bats)

Er, "bats aren't bugs" I guess it actually is, having looked it up.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Ambien would be redundant for you, wouldn't it?

I'd be afraid of sleepwalking. Mind you, Effexor was awesome--all my dreams were in hi-def. I'd have been counting feathers and grains of sand. Kinda miss that.

Your brain is an amazing place.

(Deleted comment)
In the In Nomine roleplaying game setting (American version, not the French INS/MV), Seraphim are basically snakes with six eyes and wings. Which has prompted some of the fandom to point out that perhaps their first words are "FEAR NOT" because otherwise people are screaming, "Snake! Snake! AHHHH!" and waving brooms around at them or the like.

"four-winged Beast covered in eyes" ... so a shaggoth?? I guess i never really read the bible, but I did read a lot of HP Lovecraft.

/pedant/ Shoggoths aren't mentioned to have wings, though they could probably at least grow non-functional ones. /pedant/

I once played Dark Corners of the Earth and had a dream that was based on the Marsh Refinery chapter of the game. Luckily for my dream-self it ended quickly after I found out that my enemies had a shoggoth (which I felt necessary to declare to my unbelieving classmates, who were also there for some reason) and I didn't actually have to confront the abomination.

- TheInfamousSnake

Your brain is a fascinating and entertaining place.

I learned about Cherubs from Narbonic.

They'll write books about you when you're dead, possibly how your dreams relate to however which way you'll die; I suspect it'll be unique.

Um, what does the end of the world sound like?

...once I’d noted the fieldmarks on the Beast.

It's good to have priorities.

So, what are the field marks of the Four-Winged Beast?

Don't fairies count as birds?

Of course you can count the Beast Before the Throne!

[Brer] See, now, if Sunday School had made anything in the Bible seem this interesting, I might have paid more attention.

Just kidding -- I still wouldn't have. But, being Episcopalian, ignoring religion when it doesn't suit you is kind of the central message.