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The Great Office Migration

It has been four crazy days here in the House 'o Wombat.

We moved Kevin's office downstairs, and I took possession of the entire finished room over the garage, which is enormous and NOW IT'S ALL MINE.

(I have been coveting this space for YEARS.)


This table is made of an unfinished door bolted to four storage-unit-with-drawers thing. The units aren't terribly cheap, depending on the kinds you get, but the door was a mere $26.

Brandon the Border Collie, who is supposed to be the real beneficiary of all this, is not sure WHAT to think. His person is downstairs! And not going back upstairs! But people live upstairs during the day! But his person is downstairs!

He is dealing with this confusion by sulking at the top of the stairs. Today he moved to sulking at the bottom of the stairs, which I think counts as the first step to acceptance.

While we were running around frantically moving bookcases, the very nice people at the JSquared Concept were running around frantically getting my new website up and running. (If you're reading this on redwombatstudio.com then you've probably noticed!) It is shiny and has better shopping carts and all the useless links and no-longer-available merch went away. Most importantly, it is optimized for mobile devices and looks far better on them. (There will be some tweaking in the next few weeks--a couple of the headers are placeholders until I can get better art up, but I'm in mid-Dragonbreath, so we're making do.) (If you only follow on LJ, then it doesn't matter, carry on as you are. *grin*)

On top of all that, we're trying to upgrade the server, which has been running very slow because A) it's old and B) somebody out there keeps trying to crash it and turn it into a zombie server or something. *shakes tiny fist*

And also the latest Dragonbreath art, all 160 illustrations, are due today. And I should be working on that, not blogging.

So...err...pardon our current dust!

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What I really like about having my own Finished Room Over a Garage is that someone told me that in construction terms they are referred to as "FROGs". So, now I like to tell people that I'm in my FROG. ;)

So, now you have your very own FROG kingdom! :D

There can be only one! I hope you paused to rub your hands together and chortle "Bwahahahaha" occasionally as you heaved furniture.

Ikea lately has had little metal rolling carts perfect for art supplies. Or bar supplies.

the first step to acceptance

I see what you did there.

Seeing workable, finished studios helps remind me that the mess of construction materials and indecision that is my former garage will one day be a studio, and I will be able to work in it. It's surprisingly hard to keep myself believing that.

(the current crisis is about lights. Being in Cascadia, I have to rely on artificial light much of the year, and arsghlbgrblarglexpesiveralkjdfdifficultaraslbsdlfbdfarrrrrgh.)

I live in California and I have to rely on artificial most of the day all year. There are downsides to living below ground, although I generally like my cave.

The new website is incredibly shiny.

Edited at 2013-12-02 10:37 pm (UTC)

I put 8 Cree LED lights into a maybe 15 x 20 room. They were $50 each, but turned a dark cave (all hail 70's fake wood paneling) into a pleasant office / family room.

My sewing table is a door propped on two two-drawer filing cabinets. The added advantage is that when I am forced to turn my sewing room into a guest room (I have a trundle bed in there), I can lift the door off the cabinets, put it in the closet, then shove the two cabinets into place as nightstands before I set up the trundle. Voila, room for two people to sleep.

I don't remember where I got the idea for the door/filing cabinet solution twenty years ago, but I wish I could thank the person who told me about it.

Completely off-topic, I just want to mention that I got my Digger omnibus and it is AWESOME! And heavy; I'm not surprised that you threw your back out moving all those books around. I will probably continue to use the graphic novels for casual re-reading, but I'm delighted to have a more durable version as well.

The new website looks good, but I found it harder to just browse the artwork in the current setup. Maybe it's just because I was so used to the other way.

Some time ago I was able to get a T-shirt of the Sea Serpent and his Sock Puppet when you did a short-time deal with Ellen Million. My T-shirt is starting to get worn and I would love to be able to buy another, and buy T-shirts of some of my other favorites such as the Mouse and His Grape, and buy T-shirts to give to other people - do you have any plans for that sort of thing?

Oh yes! PLEEEZE sell some of your full color artwork as Tee shirts!
There's not much wall space left in my house but I can always use more good tee shirts!

Nice! Makes me wish I have a dedicated room for my crafting.

It definitely has that polished, "Just finished!" look of a studio that's not yet broken in.

One pencil and a roll of paper towels(?) does not "in-use clutter" make.

Oooooh. What a lovely workspace!

We need more pics of your studio so we can be properly envious!

Speaking of Dragonbreath, is there a release date for Dragonbreath 10? I can't seem to find it anywhere...

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