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This Is Only A Test


Look who came to my porchlight!

This snouty little fellow is a Green Cloverworm Moth! He's a new one for the yardlist, but I'm posting this primarily to test out the new Squash's Garden blog function.

He feeds on clover, vetch, beans, and a number of other nitrogen fixers, but it's generally recommended that people leave him alone, as he's a very minor pest and will keep beneficial predators fed until the real baddies show up.

Also posted at Squash's Garden. You can comment here or there!

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Poor guy, told to be left as fodder for bad guys.

At least your tests are interesting! ^-^

Snouty moths are the best moths!

Awwww... Man, look at those huge dark eyes! He (or she; it would only matter to another moth) is gorgeous.

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