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I Was Informed...

...that I do not post enough cat photos.

I am apparently the only person on earth who has this problem, but far be it from me to fail to meet quota!


(I liked this shot because it sort of dramatically shadows Sergei's missing eye. He likes to perch on the back of my chair, overlooking the backyard, if he can't actually be IN my chair.)

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What a handsome gentleman. (: How has he been settling in with the other cats, and the dogs?

Look out, Sergei! A wild biting pear is watching you from outside!

He looks like our Grey Mouser! Or rather, how Mouser looked when he was in his prime; he's now 15 years old and starting to get thin and frail.

It has the appearance that he doesn't trust the fu-dog to do her job properly.

Even in repose, Sergei is a very intense creature, isn't he?

And you think one cat picture is going to make up for your shortcomings? ;)

Either that or a tiny wheelbarrow.

He is a very handsome cat.

And if I didn't know already from your postings, I'd be able to guess you were a birder from the binoculars on the windowsill. :)


(Please know that there is no upper limit on the number of cat photos I want to see per day.)

Agreed! Could I kindly request some of Emily? I love that big sweet crazy ball of cat so much!

It's good to see that His Imperial Majesty, Sergei, Tsar of the Known World is doing well in his new domains. :D

He looks like a retired russian mob boss or KGB Kommissar, living out the good life under a new name.

What a cute cat!

So. Did he fulfill his destiny as Tsar of the Household? He certainly looks like it.

And I'm so glad he's doing well.

Equal time for beagles!

I beautiful shot of Sergei. He looks very regal.

Yeah, we need more cat pictures. :)

He's so damn regal. More cat pictures, I love 'em! (The internet is full of cat pictures because despite the people who complain, there's a whole bunchload of us who will happily look at them all day.)

Such a handsome fellow! I too call for more kitty pics!

No matter what the species, anything named 'Sergei' with only one eye can be nothing but a Russian deep-cover operative. Just saying. Also, here, have a phallic yarn-and-kitten icon.

(That said, it's a lovely pic of a beautiful cat. I had a Russian Blue when I was very small-- he's the first cat I remember, and he bossed me around like a big brother. I think I was way more his girl than he was my cat.)

That is a great composition.

I assure you, there are some of us who don't post massive quantities of cat pictures. There are a few in my photobucket account, otherwise you'll find my cat's picture on my twitter profile. That's about it.

Sergei's looking good, though.

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