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Well, damn.

The older I get, the more often I have the melancholy experience of finding someone who's work I really admire, looking them up on the internet...and discovering that they have passed away.

Often quite recently. Had I just looked up Akira Blount's work a few months earlier, I could have sent her a fan letter telling it was beautiful.


I've been wanting to try doing a doll with a lot of natural twigs---lord knows I'm sitting on the frickin' strategic reserve of the things---and she did it really really well. When I was looking up examples, her stuff came up over and over (and rightly so!)

Ah, well. Someday somebody will undoubtedly be saying the same thing about me.

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She was a very gracious lady who taught a lot of people about doll making.
She is missed by many.

I'd never heard of her until I read your post. Then I went to look at her gallery. Now I join you in mourning her loss.

We all certainly hope nobody will be saying that about you for years and years and years.

And years and years and years...

"Ah, well. Someday somebody will undoubtedly be saying the same thing about me."

So glad I won't be among them, having had the immense privilege and pleasure of knowing you (if only "convention"-ally!) during your time on this Earth.

And, twig art, hm? Well, if you try your hand at it, I'm sure it will turn out well. Or at least not nightmare-inducing ... unless that's your aim, in which case, let the nightmares commence!

If you've never heard of Kage Baker, you will fall in love with her Anvil of the World series and her short stories. And then be devastated that she passed in 2010 of cancer and you'll never see anything by her again. :(

Well. Just to be on the safe side, you do beautiful work--beautiful, and silly, and breathtaking, and riproaringly funny, and occasionally heartbreaking (but in the best way). I can't even describe how much having your chromatic coyotes on my kitchen wall brightens the place up, and that's just a small thing.

But please stay alive for a long time, all the same?

Being about twenty years older, I sincerely hope i never have the need to say such things about you. But can I say that you have made my life brighter. If have never met you, and probably never will, but I am a happier person because of all the things you do - blogs, Digger, KUEC, etc.

I'm not sure why, but when I tried to post it told me my comments were marked as spam, I'm assuming because I included links to the artist's website, so in case the original comment got eaten, here is a link free version:

I'm not sure I can gauge your taste in art well enough to say you'd like her for sure, but I am a fan of Salley Mavor's work, which you can find at I'm particularly enamored with her birds of beebe woods which I think you would like for obvious reasons ;)

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