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Christmas Orders

Hey gang, we are doing a somewhat abbreviated order season this year, because Ursula is tired and under deadline.

December 8th: End of International Orders having any hope of arriving by Christmas. (We do our best, but this is Beyond Our Control and I don't want people to be disappointed if it's not under the tree!)

December 13th: End of US orders arriving by Christmas. (Possibly sooner, if the ice storms wracking the country don't settle down.)

December 20: Orders after this date may be delayed, as I am taking Christmas Week off to lay in the bottom of the wombat lair and croon the words to "God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen" to myself. Possibly there will be gentle rocking. Fetal position is something of a given. I have a vague dream of getting to make art for myself during this time, but let's not jinx it.

Jan 2nd: Life returns to normal.*

That said, if you absolutely positively must have a print for your Grandma who is at death's door and her dying wish is a Biting Pear print and money is no object and also Grandma is a great humanitarian and possibly also a nun** and single-handedly saved fifty baby platypi from a burning orphanage that specialized in platypus rescue, send me an e-mail and I'll do my best.

*Or what passes for it around here.

**Grandma had a complicated life...

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Got my Digger Kickstarter stuff yesterday. I adore it all. And it is no wonder at all that you're exhausted. I imagine that everyone at Sofawolf is as well.

Hope you're able to uncurl long enough for some proper Yule cheer.

Yay! The boxes I'm packing are actually going somewhere.

And a very nice job of packing, too! Everything arrived in perfect shape.

Yep. Mine arrived just before T-day. Everything was in perfect shape. And, for lagniappe, the recycled paper used for padding was amusing.

No Saint Nana's here (just a bonkers one that reeks of pickled onions), have a wonderful Relaxed Christmas.

Welll... Grandma COULD be a Tibetan Buddhist nun. But then she'd be in a cave somewhere and unlikely to be asking for a print of anything. My friends and I are planning on a gift exchange on 12th Night - makes things more relaxed too.

We do the 12th Night thing too. No one has to be conflicted about who to spend the holidays with (if they so desire) - Christmas with family, 12th Night with friends.

May both of yours be delightful!

I would dearly love to take what you said (Sister Grandma, etc) and adjust it slightly, then post it on my cubicle wall.

But no one would understand the joke.

Wishing you much relaxation and enjoyment!

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