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Art Thing In Progress

I feel weird making a blog post to point to a Tumblr post, but in case any of you aren't following me there, I didn't want anybody to miss out--and frankly, if anyone has any questions, it's MUCH easier for me to answer them here than there, what with the comment system as all. (Much as I fear for the longevity of LJ, its comments can't be beat!)

Art Thing In Progress

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It is amazing thus far!

It seems very unimpressed with me.

(Deleted comment)
Indeed. And if you still want to mirror over to LJ, doing so from DW is trivially easy. As in, you check a box and fill in your LJ username and password, and DW does it for you automatically from then on. I've been doing all my posting from DW for about 3 years now. You can import people's comments from here to there easily too, although that's a manual process; I try to do it about once every couple of months or so.

That isa very solemn looking rabbit thing.

There's no such thing as over doing the ears.

I don't understand Tumblr. Is there a way to comment on things that I'm just missing or what? It all seems a bit pointless otherwise.

Your art Thing looks awesome as always of course.

Not really, no. People use reblogging as an ad-hoc commenting system, but conversations fracture pretty quickly and it involves a lot of repetition.

There are a few ways to get comments on tumblr - I use a few of them to varying degrees of success.

One is disqus - have to install that but is easy enough to manage and the log in everyone uses is fairly universal from webpage to webpage.

Tumblr DOES allow replies to posts - for folks that have followed your blog for more than two weeks - and then also replies from folks you yourself follow. To prevent spam bots I guess. These are SORT OF like comments. Replying to them can be fun.

You can't respond to the replies in vanilla tumblr. But I loaded XKit and that allows me to reply pretty easily, though this just quotes the reply and makes that and your response a separate post on your blog. So you can end up with a conversation taking over if you go on too long. Or a whole sea of "thanks for your concern" if you end up wanting to reply to multiple replies.

Then there is the ask/submit box - which is a crap shoot of efficiency. But you can reply to those privately or publicly as you see fit.

Actually now that I wrote all this up I sort of marvel how this webpage ever ended up becoming a thing.

The problem with Tumblr is that it was never intended as a blogging site, but for one reason or another the people who tend to use it don't have blogs and don't want to have to go to another site, so Tumblr gets used as a blogging service despite lacking a lot of the right design. (I kind of pity people who think that this is what blogs are meant to be like...)

I've been wondering how it became a thing for ages. I can't really see the point of it. I often see things and think to myself "hey, I should tell the person who said this or made this that I think it's neat" But I don't have a tumblr account, and i'm not going to the trouble of trying one of these complicated sounding solutions just to do that.

There are so many other blogging platforms out there I don't get why everyone latched onto tumblr.

You can even comment on pinterest, which is clearly not intended to be a blog.

Image spam.

...okay, and .gif spam, too. I think of it as a picture-based version of twitter, really. For me, it's not a blog/social media platform so much as an easier way to fangirl stuff via graphics. :D

As someone who recently moved to tumblr, it seems to be self perpetuating. I'm there because I can actually attract new people to talk to there, unlike on lj -- I hate the format, but...

This is true.

I hate tumblr and have hacked it it in ways to make it work for me, but on the other hand I actually managed to develop some sort of online presence there that people interact with. Even when lj was in its heyday I had naught but tumbleweeds.

It looks like it would be posing for one of your Icon Paintings.

I have never understood how Tumblr even qualifies as a social medium. I have an account there, but setting it up was so non-intuitive I had to ask friends for help on every single step of the process, and I've never actually figured out how to USE the damn thing. And AFAICT there is no way to comment or carry on, like, an actual conversation there, which to me is what social media are supposed to be about.

Your rabbity thing looks fabulous, even just in burlap. I agree that there is no such thing as overdoing the ears. And I like hearing you compare and contrast different types of art materials.

As best I understand it, Tumblr is actually more like Pinterest than LJ -- it's a way to make a curated list/display of Neat Stuff (or neat original works; most people aren't doing that, but you can) that shows up as a newest-first crawl under your name. You 'comment' (to the extent that one can at all) by reblogging something and putting new text on it, commentary, whatever. But it's not really a comment system, per se.

It really is purely a web log in the old sense -- a way to say, "Looky, these things are neat," to people who agree with your taste.

I am defnitely impressed by the Thing so far. Are you planning to wrap its arms once it has hands?

Don't change the ears! Please!

Oddly, before the ears he looks kind of plaintive/mournful to me, whereas with the ears he's mildly belligerent. :->

His expression is so 'Eh. Whatever.'


It is impossible to overdo the ears! :3

There's actually a roundabout but not-too-difficult way to crosspost stuff from Tumblr to LJ without too much fuss. You get results kind of like this.

I see you not knowing what you are doing as rather similar to Columbus, who definitely didn't know what he was doing. However, you may find out afterwards what you have done which, apparently, he never did.

Question are always tough

you should start using blogger then

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