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The Further Adventures of Artemis Thing

The Art Thing is now known as Artemis Thing, because...err...it wasn't an Arthur.

Paint got added! A lot of PITT pen, some acrylic paint in Unbleached Titanium, Titanium White, and Transparent Raw Sienna.


Angus would like to assist in this process.


Artemis Thing gets a leather tunic. I soaked it first---it's vegetable tanned leather---and then shaped it over the body and tied it in place. There are undoubtedly going to be rubber band marks on the final leather, but I'm okay with that. I like the natural leather color, but will probably want to add a little paint to play it up--or I'll suddenly decide to paint it red or something

I, uh, have no idea if I can get the leather off once it's dry, but I'll try. It's a really thin gauge leather that I bought on accident, so it's nice to get some use out of it.


My plan all along is to make this a wall-mounted piece---I don't really know what to do with dolls and there's no way it'll stand up on its own. So I put a board up on my easel and stuck a nail in it and hung the Art Thing so that I had some idea how it was going to work on the wall.

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Well. Hi, Artemis. Nice to meet you.

really do love the ears and the eyes. they give him such personality. angus, by the way, is adorable.

Yes, you should be able to get the tunic off with a little care once it dries, assuming you're letting it air dry. It'll be stiff, but not brittle.

I'm sorry.

Somehow I see him with a katana.

Fantastic! I am loving watching it come together!

Artemis looks kind of skeptical and a little bemused.

Love the ears: they remind me of maple seeds and of fairy wings. And I bet Artemis heard and that's what's caused the slightly miffed look. :)

You have no idea how comforting it is to read, "I stuck a nail in the board to see if it would work" (loosely paraphrased) in light of my recent experiments. I have no idea what I'm doing and Finals crit is on Monday next. Weak grin. I gotta say though, even if the painting sucks, mixing acrylic with lightweight spackle is so much like painting with marshmallow cream I keep giggling while I'm spreading. I wonder how it would take a scratchboard treatment.....ooooh shiny thing.....

Awesome rabbit. :)

Wonderful! I really like this Thing. And if you have a local fabric district, heck even at a big JoAnns, they should have a remnant bin where you can find some very cool fabric scraps to use for more.

Looks like a stop motion puppet in progress. Now I want to animate him. (And a cool thing about a puppet is you can put screws in his feet and tie him down so he can stand.)

Also, don't you love apoxie sculpt? I like it way better than propoxy.

Artemis looks like he/she doesn't put up with any Bs... and echoing another commenter needs a scaled to fit sword there, something like zatochi or bamboo cane katana. [I think it's the rough tunic that's giving it the Ronan vibe.]

I do! Got 'em last year in Seattle during the eruption.

Call me crazy, but I like the look of leather and burlap on her.

Very cute...but being wall mounted makes it look like some kind of blood sacrifice to a very weird god. It's a wee bit creepy. It would look very cool in a shadowbox, though--add a few whimsical accessories and one of those awesome collage-type backgrounds you do, and voila! A whole story in a box on the wall!

The ears are fabulous! I second the thought of maple wings -- that's exactly what they look like.

Off-topic... I went to enter my Digger anthology into LibraryThing, and had to do so manually; the ISBN didn't come up on either an Amazon or Library of Congress search. Just FYI.

Hmm. AFTER naming it Artemis, I'm amused to count 5 references to rabbit as he, 1 as she, one he/she and several deliberately avoiding a pronoun or using it.

Not sure what this says, but I think it says something. As well as a full on female, I *would* name something genderless, ambiguous or simply not binary as Artemis, but I sure wouldn't use the name for a "he".

(There is a name like Artimus or something that's a near audial match but intended to cue male. But Artemis is pretty explicitly anti-male.)

*laugh* It's shaping up as female-but-not-very-much-so in my mind (and on the easel!) but I won't swear that something I do in the next ten minutes won't change that!

Your lj marked me as spam :-P did you hear about the snowy owl?

ROSMAN, N.C. — At least 300 bird watchers have descended on a western North Carolina farm to get a rare glimpse of a snowy owl.

The Times-News of Hendersonville reports birders from South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee traveled to Ricky Maybin's farm in the upper French Broad River valley to get what's described as the first known sighting of a snowy owl in western North Carolina in modern history.

Yes! I heard about it--I've got a snowy already, but I think that's totally fantastic!

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