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Slice of Life: Electronic Delivery Edition

We are down in Kevin's office when I glance out the window and see the Fed-Ex guy lugging a very large computer box up the walk. The new server has arrived.*

I open the door and we make small talk while I sign. Then Kevin finishes putting his shoes on and come out onto the porch...

KEVIN: (overcome with tech lust) Oh baby, I've been waitin' for youuu...

ME: ....


ME: Uh, he's talking to the machine.

FEDEX GUY: (with mock-chagrin) Well, damn!

Well played, Fed-Ex Guy. Well played.

*There was a large sale and something about business expenses and infrastructure upgrades and then a sound as if my credit card cried out and was suddenly silenced...

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[Giggling intensifies]

That said, I know the feeling of "techlust" rather well. :D

Fed Ex, UPS and DSL do staff some very nice, very funny guys. At my old job I had a UPS driver who flirted with me continuously until his route changed.

(Deleted comment)
Oh, I think Housewife should begin comforting McStudly....

Given this family dynamic...

How about:

HOUSEWIFE: "Don't mind him. Come on, I need an opinion on a Thing I'm making."

HOUSWIFE takes RANDY McSTUDLY's arm and drags him into her studio, where she spends three hours feeding him tea and cheap food and explaining the nature of shamanic sheep, good natured wombats and the occasional droopily cute penis.

Re: Given this family dynamic...

You are a God(ess)send for my end of a miserable day.

Re: Given this family dynamic...

*bows* I am glad to be a Goddess-send.

(Deleted comment)
Whoo, Kansas Digger fans! I've gotten a weird look or two already for my shirt. :P

Well that's sort of a bummer. I've gotten nothing but 'nice shirt!' here in Austin, TX.

There's probably a huge difference in reactions to a giant Ganesh statue on a shirt between rural Kansas and a city where the motto is "Keep Austin Weird." Just sayin'.

Oh lovely take on the Star Wars quote.

o/~ And they call it... . . . . ...Server Lo-oooove... o/~

I'm more upset I haven't seen Kevin discussing his new home infrastructure plans anywhere. *glare*.

Reminds me of the Bones episode "The Man in the Bear" with the cute courier. Who turns out to be (implied) bi.

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