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Slice of Life: Electronic Delivery Edition

We are down in Kevin's office when I glance out the window and see the Fed-Ex guy lugging a very large computer box up the walk. The new server has arrived.*

I open the door and we make small talk while I sign. Then Kevin finishes putting his shoes on and come out onto the porch...

KEVIN: (overcome with tech lust) Oh baby, I've been waitin' for youuu...

ME: ....


ME: Uh, he's talking to the machine.

FEDEX GUY: (with mock-chagrin) Well, damn!

Well played, Fed-Ex Guy. Well played.

*There was a large sale and something about business expenses and infrastructure upgrades and then a sound as if my credit card cried out and was suddenly silenced...

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(Deleted comment)
Whoo, Kansas Digger fans! I've gotten a weird look or two already for my shirt. :P

Well that's sort of a bummer. I've gotten nothing but 'nice shirt!' here in Austin, TX.

There's probably a huge difference in reactions to a giant Ganesh statue on a shirt between rural Kansas and a city where the motto is "Keep Austin Weird." Just sayin'.

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