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I must remind myself—

they can’t tell that I didn’t write this bit immediately after that one

the six months where I ignored the manuscript are not visible to the naked eye

the bit where I put my head in my hands and muttered “I have no idea what I’m doing” takes place in the single space between the period and the next capital letter.

As soon as I shove that character in, she has always been there

and someone will probably say that she’s the emotional center

and the book couldn’t have been written without her

and nobody will know that I thought of her three thousand words from the end and scrolled up and shoehorned in a couple of paragraphs near the beginning because, for whatever reason, the story needed an elderly nun

she was almost the cook

and for about ten minutes she was the earnest young village priest

and now she has been there since you started reading.

I am sanding down the places where my editor found splinters

kicking up a fine dust of adjectives and dropped phrases

(Wear a breath mask. Work in a well-ventilated area. Have you seen what excess commas can do to your lungs?)

and eventually it will all be polished to a high shine

and hopefully when someone looks into it

they’ll see their own face reflected back

instead of mine.

brilliant. and spot on.

You continue to give me hope that I will get my own stories published.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

Already LIKED and reposted on Tumblr!

Ver' nice. Ver' nice indeed.

SO needing to hear stuff like this now. 800 page behemoth to edit and I'm like...WHAAAA?

In the process of Double Editing, and this was my only sunshine of the day.

This has hit all sorts of chords with me - thank you. I've printed it out and it's up in my writing room.

So very yes, and beautifully said.

I needed that, a bit. (Okay, a lot.) Thank you.

Serial, Oxford, or Harvard

I'm addicted to commas. Now, I'm worried about colon cancer.

Re: Serial, Oxford, or Harvard