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The Apocalypse is Nigh. Ish.

So, yeah. 77 degrees out today.

It's December 22nd.

I saw what looked a helluva lot like a Least Tern over Jordan Lake yesterday. They're rare inland and always gone by the end of October. I'm getting moths at the porchlight in December, most of which should probably have finished their flights in November. The bluebirds are house-hunting very early.

Nothing impossible, nothing completely out of range, but every improbability starts to pile up.

Seriously, gang...this is kinda scaring me. When they say "a few degrees warmer by the end of the century" I said "That's terrible!" and I meant it---really, I meant it!---but realistically I expected to be pretty dead. (That doesn't stop me feeling bad and trying to help, let me add--"I'll be dead, so I don't care!" is a shitty excuse for bad behavior. Still.)

I didn't really expect that I would be spreading manure on my garden three days before Christmas. In short sleeves. With the AC on in the house. Or that temperatures would then plunge (as they are predicted to do) and be in the forties by Tuesday.

Or that this would be the second or third time this has happened in the last couple months.

Weather is always weird, there are never normal years, all that's true. But we're shattering heat records locally. This is not just weird, it's record weird and it keeps on happening.

I've said before that I kinda feel like us gardeners in this weird new world are trying to hold the line and passing word back and forth between us---"Still here. Still got frogs. Still got bees. Still alive."

So, um. Still here. Still alive. Have to assume the frogs and the bees are overwintering. But a little freaked out anyway.

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You can have our weather! Weve had snow since October.. temps are a brisk -28 (C).. expecting -40s tonight..

Dear Ursula -- Lovely recap of a freaky season. We're in the Washington area until Friday, when we migrate south to our Florida place. But we too have had the darnedest weekend weather. Rainy here, but humid and in the 70s all day.

And then "the forties by Tuesday." We have our lovely London friend Heidi arriving Christmas Day; we'd hoped to have a bit of warmth to welcome her -- but no luck. I trust the Florida weather won't disappoint. Fall there was gorgeous. I returned to DC just in time for the cold snap Thanksgiving week.

Happy holidays! Justine

Every time we have freaky weather, I commit more to public transportation. And local food, and carsharing, and anything else that potentially helps us slow down or reverse climate change. Do you follow Bill McKibben at all? He's a bit weird, and I don't agree with everything he says or does for sure, but 350.org is a fantastic thing, no doubt. And it's nice to see someone doing SOMETHING.

I am very concerned for the bees. No joke.

38F here and raining, and the third green christmas in a row. Critters still crittering around, frogs and bees overwintering, I hope. A new paper wasp nest this year, but plenty of bunnies, chipmunks, squirrels, opposums and deer. Haven't seen a raccoon lately, or the coyote.

-7 C up here in Canada with only a bit of windchill, (-14 last time I checked) and i'm enjoying the not so brutal winter. We have snow up to midcalf and the freezing rain has been light and intermittent. I suppose I should worry about what it could mean but i'm too buy being glad it's not worse. I hate the deep freeze when it gets below -20, and will personally be grateful if I never have to deal with -30 again.

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Re: Toronto has an ice storm

Darn it, that was me.

It's been weird here, too. I'd swear we were having a really bad El Nino winter if it weren't that the meteorologists keep swearing this is a neutral winter.

El Nino in the Pacific NW means cold and dry. We had an almost two-week dry spell in October, and another almost as long in November, and this has been a very dry December so far (drizzle today notwithstanding).

I'm an hour south of Seattle. This is so Wrong.

Try to keep in mind that while we are breaking records left and right, those records have only existed for a couple of hundred years at most. Geologically speaking, that's an almost insignificant amount of time.

This has probably happened many times before.

But yes, it is still unnerving.

Not really, ice-core records show week-by-week weather for the last half a million years.
Pelagic sediment cores give a month-by-month record than goes back 3-4 million years [depending on where] and even tree rings gives us a seasonal record that goes back 4-5 thousand years, which isn't an insignificant time even geologically.

So, when they say Britain is experiencing it's warmest winter on record, they mean since the end of the last ice age.

This is Not. Normal.

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(Deleted comment)
... actually, that bitter cold stretch we had a few weeks ago was very abnormal (as was, if we're getting into it, all that rain in september). i don't feel like the snow pattern has been that unusual, honestly.

It is the 23rd of December, ostensibly summer here and it's a slightly chilly 14dgsC.

I still have blankets on my bed and was bemoaning the lack of my electric blanket last week when the temp dropped into the single digits.


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Yeahhh.. you know those climate change predictions a few years ago, that said we might well be in for a bit of rough time towards the end of the 21st century ?

Turns out, they were wrong...very, very wrong... and in the worst possible way.

IPACC is saying now we'll have 30-50 years, and then the shit really hits the fan. And most experts agree that's probably another conservative underestimate.

Thing is, all this freaky weather, and larger than normal storms, despite what the media pundits and oil company shrills say, is the first warning signs. Give it another 5-10 years at teh outside and no-one but the certifiably insane will be debating the point... and maybe the politicians will decide to actually do something, rather than forming yet another committee and putting out a PR statement saying they are taking action.

Of course, by then it will be far too late.. because it's already too late.

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I just put on my air conditioning, so I can get some sleep tonight without MELTING.

You know where I live.

Yeah it was 60 here in Ohio yesterday and today. It'll be back in the 30's by tonight but still. Pretty weird.