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Weasel Bless Us, Every One

...as Rooster would say.

Whatever you celebrate, however, with friends, family, blissful solitude, just another day, or in my case, takeout Chinese food and vegging--have a lovely evening and a fine holiday.

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Thanks, and the same wishes to you! <3

You too, Ursula (and Co.). Season's seasonings.

Merry everything to you and yours; you deserve it.

Thank you, and a happy Dies Natalis Solis Invicti to you.

I am also eating Chinese food for Christmas. This is partly because of my part-Jewish origins, but mostly because I live in Beijing.

Weasel bless us, everyone!

Hear Hear and here's to good cheer and a great New Year!

And best wishes to you and yours as well... the whole furry family. Oh and Kevin *grinz* Hope the takeout is delicious and you have a good book and fuzzy socks.

I just got Digger for Christmas! So looking forward to binge-reading it and killing spiders (and possibly small-ish wolves). Best wishes for the season!

Weasel bless you, Kevin, the assorted pets and all the defective wildlife. :)

I used the holiday as an excuse to push Digger at my sibs-in-law. They got the softcover, though. The hardcover is MINE ALL MINE. :)

Happy Winterthing!

I am saving Digger for a Very Bad Day when I will need good writing.

And now, I want a button that says "Weasel Bless you!"

Thank you! Hope the takeout was good.

Thank you!

I saved the kickstarter box to open yesterday. I had forgotten I got a pickaxe!! Squee!!

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