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The Last Oddity of 2013

I couldn't leave you all without one last weird thing from the garden!

Behold, the wood blewit, Clitocybe nuda!


This freaky lavender mushroom grows extra mouths.


It was growing in hardwood mulch in my garden. It's a fall mushroom and quite late in the season for it, but I suppose that doesn't surprise anyone anymore.


Can you tell I got a macro lens for my new phone? I bet you can tell. A big thanks to C.S. on Twitter for IDing this freaky little fellow for me!

Anyway, farewell to 2013, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and a fabulous 2014 to you all! May there be many mutant mushrooms in your future!

(I mean, if you're into that...)

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It looks pretty alien... supposedly edible, but I'm not sure I'd want to try.

Fungi are cool.

Is it my dirty mind, or does it have a remarkably lewd sounding name?

Alas that's just a coincidence! Clitocybe means "sloping head." 'Cause yeah I saw it and it looked pretty lewd so the name seemed to fit....

(Deleted comment)
I was just thinking that too. Fungal shoggoths are coming for us all!

(Deleted comment)
... Regenerating mushrooms...

Does it shout "I don't want to go!" and then show up later wearing a fez?

...this sincerely makes me want to Photoshop a fez and bowtie onto that mushroom pic now

How can something specifically smell like FROZEN orange juice? o_O

ETA: Babe, your mushroom guide is weird and I don't understand half those words.

Edited at 2014-01-01 12:27 am (UTC)

Frozen, concentrated orange juice has a different smell than fresh does. I presume that's what they mean.

The husband, watching over my shoulder as I skimmed my flist had this to say:

"It looks like a biopod."

This is reminding me of the music video for UNKLE's "An Eye For an Eye."

That second picture, boo hooHOO *runs away to hide under the covers*


.....I now know what the Bleeding Mushrooms they grow in Night Vale must look like. **shudders**

(Deleted comment)
AAAAAGH. Well, that was a learning experience; serves me right, I guess. And here I had been picturing all along that somehow someone had managed a cow/fungi hybrid that looked kind of like Portabellas, mooed when picked and tasted like rare steak with braised mushrooms. Dammit. Those pics are horrifying and not at all tasty-looking (and as Hydnellum peckii seems to be poisonous, I guess that's a good thing, huh?)

Oh! That's what was on the lawn that one day! I tried searching, but I must have been putting in all the wrong terms. Thanks for the name.

Those are awesome! Though I think it looks more like raspberry preserves than blood.

I agree with you, but "Devil's Raspberry Preserves" doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

Fair enough. I think Devil's Raspberry Preserves involves a lot of additional chocolate. And whipped cream that was hand-whipped from heavy cream only a few moments ago.

New nightmare fodder for me. *shudder*

Well, "There are more things in Heaven and Earth..."

Blewits are supposed to be quite tasty—lucky you! I'd try seeing if you have any mycological experts to positively identify it at your farmer's market, and then (assuming they are indeed 100% esculent blewit), letting Kevin at them.

Technically, it's more like "growing extra genitals", isn't it? Or are the gills on the second mouth sterile? I mean, I'd expect that'd be more fun to say to people.

That was my thought. Those gills are for dispersing spores not eating things.

That is AWESOME! It is like the blobfish of fungi!

Are you sure they're not filming Doctor Who in your backyard? :)

Happy New Year

Oh. My. Weird. That is so cool.

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