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Awards Eligible Stuff! Post! Thing!

Um! Apparently we are all doing a thing now where we mention what works from last year are eligible for awards, in case any of you are the people that are doing the nominating thing, because a year is a very long time and we forget what stuff was there.

This scares me and feels weird. I have won big awards! They were awesome! I do not need more to feel good about myself! But I will do this! Because we must speak up for ourselves or go unspoken for, damnit!

(Hold me, internet, I'm scared.)

The only things I know about are the Hugos and the Eisners. If you know about more, feel free to say something!

Digger, One Omnibus To Rule Them All, is eligible for the Eisner. (Generally only pros in that field vote on it, but hey, you never know.)

Nine Goblins, at 42K, is just a smideon too long to be eligible for Hugo Best Novella. It would be lumped into Best Novel. We all know that ain't gonna happen, as Best Novel is THE hard-fought category, but what the hell, you asked.

For the Hugo Short Stories, believe it or not, you could nominate "The Sea-Witch Sets The Record Straight" and it would be eligible and everything. We live in a brave new world! (And even if you don't want to nominate it, you could go read it for free and hopefully enjoy a few minutes of oddity.)

I think that's everything. I mean, I could be a Best Fan Writer for this blog right here, but I don't think I talk about genre stuff enough. It's mostly dreams, freaky mushrooms, and the sorrow of owning a beagle.

Thank you for looking, do not feel obligated to nominate me for anything, but if you're looking to fill out forms, that's what I got.

ETA: So turns out Nine Goblins is close enough to probably get lumped into Novella at the committee's discretion. If you're nominating, Best Novella is usually mad underpopulated and Best Novel gets all the love, so totally worth a shot! (We need to bring the novella back, damnit!)

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How long will Digger be able to win awards? It's been almost three years since the last page went up, surely the fizz must be almost gone. I realize publishing moves slower than say... movies, but its like if Leonardo DiCaprio were nominated for an Oscar for Inception.

By the way, got my Digger Omnibus in the mail today and it is awesome. It is also so heavy I can't pick it up with one hand.

Edited at 2014-01-04 12:56 am (UTC)

I THINK it's done, or at least the Omnibus is the last thing that can do it. (Heck, I was surprised that it could still win the Mythopoeic last year.)

I'm terribly proud of Digger, but also rather relieved to finally put it mostly to bed.

You really are that talented. You've inspired a lot of your fans, especially me.

*offers red velvet cupcake with "Thank You" written on it in cream cheese frosting*


There is a beagle downstairs. The odd noises alone are enough to push the sensitive and high strung over the edge. We will not speak of the utter obstinacy.

From my reading of the WSFS constitution, section 3.3.15 Best Fan Writer:
Any person whose writing has appeared in semiprozines or fanzines or in generally available electronic media during the previous calendar year.
your blog should be eligible. The Best Related Work category requires genre, but Fan Writer does not.

Nine Goblins, at 42K, is just a smideon too long to be eligible for Hugo Best Novella. It would be lumped into Best Novel.

Not necessarily. Section 3.2.7 of the World Science Fiction Society constitution says: "The Worldcon Committee may relocate a story into a more appropriate category if it feels that it is necessary, provided that the length of the story is within the lesser of five thousand (5,000) words or twenty percent (20%) of the new category limits."

In practice (for some very good reasons to do with another clause in the constitution), the worldcon committee always appoints a subcommittee consisting of an awards administrator and two or three other members (usually but not always including the Worldcon chair) and hands over to it all responsibility for the Hugo Awards. And while use of the above section is up to a decision of the awards administrator and subcommittee, if seventy or eighty nominators all decide to nominate a 42K story for Best Novella rather than Best Novel, awards subcommittees have historically decided to agree with the nominators rather more often than not.

Oh, wow! Neat! I shall amend!

The link to The Sea Witch Sets the Record Straight added a very good thing to my day. (:

Is the nominating/voting part of things not for the general public? I don't know how to promote you to these things but I want to!

To nominate for the Hugo award, you need to be a member of one of the "current three" worldcons - that is the 2013 LoneStarCon, the 2014 LonCon, or the 2015 Sasquan. You can be a supporting member, which will not give you access to the convention, but will give you access to a "nominee pack" which contains electronic/ebook versions of most of the nominated literature (depending on rights negotiations).

The nomination pack has lately been a good argument for taking out a supporting membership if you can afford it, as it generally is a cheaper way of getting ebook versions of the nominated works than if you'd buy them all individually, plus you get to nominate for two or three years (it used to be previous and current, I don't know if the inclusion of next is mandated), and vote for one. The downside is that you don't know what you'll get in the nomination pack.

Once nominations close, the five (usually) most nominated entries in each category are shortlisted and announced. The (full and supporting) members of the current Worldcon (e.g. 2014 LonCon, for Ursula's two stories) then get to vote on those.

Thank you for the info! :D huh, I could theoretically/possibly GO to Sasquan if I had monies.

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