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So I was gonna go lay some stone on the walkway--having finished the patio, I decided to put in a stone walkway between the sidewalk and the patio so that Kevin can walk it in his slippers while taking the dogs out, and pick blueberries if he so desires.

I had a wheelbarrow full of the fairly small paving bricks in question, parked by the patio, for whenever the mood struck me.

Then it misted.

Then it froze.

My paving stones are now iced together. Some of them (the ones on the bottom, where the wheelbarrow collected about an inch of water) have fantastic ice shapes attached, others are merely glued together. I could break a few apart, but most of them might as well be mortared.

Well. Dang.

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You have my sympathy, but as it's just gotten up into the double digits here and there's a foot of snow on the ground it's a very weak kind of sympathy.

I was going to joke that it looks like a job for a flame-thrower (or a friendly fire-breathing dragon), but all these hot solutions are very likely to crack the stones. Same goes for iced windshields.

It's SO COLD here (I'm in Chapel Hill). I was out with my kiddo for a while earlier today, and my poor legs are still chapped.

Tepid, not hot water, should get things apart without breaking.

Dump a bottle of really cheap vodka over them, it has to be really cold for that to freeze and the alcohol/water mix ought to melt.

Or mix some ice and decent vodka together, add a twist of lemon, sit back, drink and say screw it until spring.

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На здоровье ! [Lit: "For Health!" or "Your Health" in Russian according to google.]

Edited at 2014-01-05 01:12 am (UTC)

I like the way you think, siliconshaman.

I have Russian and Canadian friends... and I believe it's always wiser to learn from someone else's experience.

I should take the hint from nature. There is a time fore laying paths, and there is a time for sitting back and admiring nature from behind a well insulated window. Which time are you in?

While having Kevin get out his flamethrower* would have a lot of entertainment value, take this as a message from mother nature that it is too cold to lay pavers outside.

*assuming that he has a flamethrower. If not, he can find them in the better tool catalogs. I've got two of them myself, because the first one is broken.

I'm pretty sure Kevin needs a flamethrower.

Oh, I got him one ages ago.

Did you get pictures of the cool ice shapes?

Yes, and when will.they be posted?

(Thawing best accomplished by application of black tarp and warmer weather.)

But even of you thawed then all out safely, how would you set them into the ground? Or mortar them? No, just take that vodka and lemon and relax till Mother Nature gives you a green light.

How will you know? When the light thru the trees is green, of course!

Yes, this is when Mother Nature says, "Hon, I appreciate what you're doing for my critters in your yard; but take a break for a bit, eh? Trust me, I'll give you PLENTY to do soon."

It's not just you, the words 'polar vortex' are being thrown around for all of this next week in the US.

About the companion audio for Digger kickstarter, do you have a rough schedule for the release yet?

Hoping to get the first episode out this month!

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