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"Jackalope Wives"

I have a short story up at Apex Magazine!

It's called Jackalope Wives and you can read it there.

There is also a truly fabulous podcast version, plus other great short stories by very talented people. Check out Apex Magazine if you're not familiar with them--they're awesome.

i am off birdwatching at the moment, in hopes of seeing Great Cormorants, Dovekies, Snow Buntings and other nifty birds. Yes, in this weather. Yes, I have a good coat.

That was an excellent story. Thanks.

It was indeed excellent!

That was great, the way fairy stories should be. The poor jackalope wife! I am glad she got to go back to dance with her kin.

Yes, it's a great story that hits all the right notes, yet still goes someplace different!


(Deleted comment)
There's been a dovekie sighting at Cape May--we're hoping to get it via the ferry.

Dovekies, really? Is the cold snap pushing them south? I would have thought their food would not too affected, the dip seems to be mostly continental...

What did you see, please do tell?

Haven't seen it yet--reports are at Cape May, we're going to try the ferry and see if we can get some alcids that way!

As I read it I could SEE every character. I could watch them in my head.
That is some fantastic writing.

Wow, YES! I am not usually a very 'visual' reader, I have a very abstract brain. But this was in fully-realized, detailed southwestern technicolor! That's some seriously vibrant writing there.

There’s always one who learned how to brood early and often, and always girls who think they can heal him.

That's truth hard as diamond. And the way he projected his own desire onto her... that happens a lot too. This is a fabulous story, worthy of another Hugo nomination.

*grin* I'll remind people next year!

Im so pleased I finally got around to finding out who this UrsulaV lady so many people were talking about on LJ and in mailing lists back a couple of years ago. Had I not I would have missed out on a small piece of the worlds genius :)

Amazing. Very much enjoyed.

My wish for 2014 is a collective of your short stories like Jackalope Wives, The Sea Witch Sets the Records Straight, and The Little House story (the title of which escapes me at the moment).

With a companion volume of your RPG adventures!

Oh that was lovely! I am SO looking forward to your short story anthology... you ARE going to collect these jewels, right?

What an absolutely beautiful and tragic story. Grandma Harken is awesome in a bajillionty ways!

Oh nooo oh no oh no, now I have FEELINGS ;A;

That was quite beautiful.

Lovely story.

Also a great illustration of the "creativity is never wasted" principle... didn't you write, once, about a dream featuring Grandfather of Rabbits? Ah, yes, google says: redwombatstudio.com/blog/2010/02/23/spring-dreams

*grin* That is EXACTLY where he came from! I've been wanting to stick him in a story for a dog's age.