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52+ Photos: Week 1 & 2

Okay, internet, let's do this thing!

For 2014, I'm gonna make an effort to post a photo a week, and I will get better. Or I won't. This may not be one of my skills, but I WILL give it a try.

The Rules (such as they are:)

1. One a week. If the week comes and goes without photos, and I don't have a damn good reason...um...we'll figure something out. (Posting late is fine, though. Let's not go crazy.)

1a. If I get more than one photo a week I like, I'll post it.

2. They do not have to be good photos. Which is good, because many of them won't be. For every staged thing I spend two hours setting up, there will probably be a cat photo. And that's okay.

3. I retain the right to use horrible filters akin to Photoshop lens flare because this is how we learn. I will also crop, maul, fiddle and abuse, because I can.

4. There will be cat photos.

5. My camera of choice is currently an iPhone 5s, because that's the only way I'm actually going to do this. The best camera is the one you have with you, etc. I have a DSLR somewhere, but I'd need to order new thingies and I don't love it the way I love my iPhone.

Since the year is marching on already, here are the photos from weeks 1 & 2:

Week 1:

Thrush-Bob!  Taken with an Ollioclip telephoto lens clipped to my phone and the basic Camera app, and subjected to a white grunge frame because I wanted to see how they looked. (Answer: Meh. Suspect this is the photographic equivalent of licking your knife at the table.)

I photoshopped out some, but not all, of the thrush turds.

Week 2:


Taken with the Camera+ app and subjected to some filter or other. Also photoshopped out a couple sauce stains on the stove.

If I was trying to do this again, I think I'd move the black spoon rest so that the outline of the pot was clean, and change the angle so that the handle is actually overlapping the circle of the lefthand burner, rather than touching it. (Just barely touching, or almost-but-not-quite touching, activates a space visually and makes you stare at it for no damn reason.) Might also crop out the oven hood, since I don't think it adds anything up there.


Angus the cat. Think this was the Camera Awesome app, not sure. Not quite enough light on this one, so tweaking made him rather more two-tone and orange than he really is. The filter adds some purple, which compositionally is a good thing, although there are undoubtedly more elegant ways to do it if I wanted to take the time.

And that's weeks 1 & 2! Tune in...eventually...for more!


(insert ObKitchenGeeking here): Is that an induction stovetop or a glass-topped electric element one? :)

Glass top, I fear, nothing so exciting!

Wow, that is a fat bird, but a cutie all the same!

Is it the angle of the shot, or is Thrush-Bob an exceptionally circular member of his breed?

Always good to see Little Orange Cat. :)

I was wondering the same thing. He looks like a well-fed Thrush!

Thrush-Bob and Angus are adorable!

Think this was the Camera Awesome app, not sure.

I think that was the Awesome Cat app, wasn't it?

If the week comes and goes without photos, and I don't have a damn good reason...um...we'll figure something out.

Press release containing a sincere apology and a vow that the incident will not be repeated. If the incident is repeated, subsequent press releases must include increasingly absurd excuses.

One of the lessons I put out, when I tutor (because I've not done any big classes sort of teaching yet in photography) is this:

The most useless tool you own is the one not with you when you need it.

Or, as you said, the best camera is the one you have with you.

I do a lot of photography (um, UserMoniker there, eh), it's my route to making Art, and Why Yes, I do like the camera part of my iPhone 4S. The 5 is a better camera. Not enough better that I'm running out to upgrade. There are (one, two, MANY) of the photos I sell, and which are among the highest 'hits' on my general photography hosting sites, that are made with a cell phone camera.

So you go, girl. You make those photos.

The thrush photo is good. One of the things to look/strive for as you work on animal photography is to include the eye, and the pupil, and if possible a little light in the eye, which you have here; it changes the photo from a dead-looking flat image to something alive and with a mind. (That said, there are wonderful photos to be taken (or cropped) with no eye or head at all in them.)

Bumping up blacks and contrast can bring out feather texture in photos of birds (and fur in animals), as long as the exposure was decent in the first place. Play around with the exposure level, too, in whatever processing program you're using.

I like pictures of cats. Can't go wrong with cat pictures. And you're already ahead, by knowing about the touching-but-not-quite activating the space and stuff like that. See! Artist is you!

I do like Thrushbob, something about his floofiness, maybe, adds a sense of activity to the shot.

I like the way the front of Angus almost seems to glow, If the white grunge thingy is the equivalent of licking your knife at the table I like it - but then I have been known to lick my knife too!

Technology is wonderful when something originally intended for phone calls becomes a good instamatic camera.

PS I am glad you included the cooker top because I'm now wondering what the alien head is for (Or is it Jack Skellington?) a disembodied critiic like Harry Dresden's skull Bob?

Thrush-Bob is adorable. Angus is gorgeous. I suspect he knows this. I also like the colors in the kitchen pic!

For my crane of the day pic, I decided the day doesn't end until I've gone to bed, so I've gotten plenty in after midnight. You catch stretch your weeks into funny directions if need be!

I, um. I think I'm going to learn stuff from your self-critique. In fact I think I already have.

Edited at 2014-01-17 01:04 am (UTC)

Seriously though, I will sit through 52 photos of Angus, right now, and I will make appropriate and on-topic squeeing noises about every single one. Let's go.


Angus would approve of this!

Is that the KUEC sponsor rice cooker in the background? I am lusting after your red teakettle.

Angus Cat is very orange. He is adorable.

Thrush Bob appears to be plotting something. Perhaps a raid.

Floofy bird! Fuzzy cat! :D

Hopefully-constructive criticism: I think, on the cooktop photo, if I were taking it I would've moved the camera just a tad bit more down and to the left -- cropping out the range hood, as you mention, and also the whatever-it-is that just barely peeks into the frame to Jack Skellington's right. I don't know about Art, but that whatever-it-is keeps grabbing my eye and distracting me from the actual photograph. :S

(Or, if you cropped just the range hood and left the whatsit on the side, the negative spaces of the wall among the metal canisters and gadgets could become a focal point of the picture. That could be pretty cool too... I feel like you and I have very different goals for still-life photos. ^_^)