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Snow snow snow! It snowed! It snowed! There is snow! It stuck and everything! EEEEE! Snow!

Snow is the best, when you live in a climate that doesn't get it often. It's the one childhood magic that doesn't go away when you stop believing in it. (It can, mind you, smother you under the weight of grim familiarity, but even after nearly a decade in Minnesota, I still found the first snow of winter exciting.)

Now, in a perfect world, where the weather gods have me on as a consultant, we'd have gotten about another inch, since it's not quite enough to do that thick white blanket that obscures all the edges of everything, which is the best snow. But there is snow!

Every bird that ever visits the feeder is out--a whole fleet of White-Throated Sparrows, three Cardinals, one crazy-eyed Brown Thrasher, a couple Goldfinches and the local White-Breasted Nuthatch. Plus a handful of Juncos and Titmice and Carolina Chickadees. There are fat Mourning Doves squatting on the fence.

Thrush-Bob is sitting on the porch among his mealworms, fluffed up to softball size.

We have plenty of mealworms, plenty of sunflower seeds, and absolutely no reason to leave the house at all. We both work at home, the internet's working, there is lots of coffee, and it is a glorious day to be snowbound.

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Enjoy your snow! I love it. Maybe, maybe, one day I'll get tired of it up here in CO. But I doubt it. Being self-employed I rarely HAVE to go out if it gets bad so mostly I curl up with a blanket and am happy at the sight of the fluff engulfing the world

I'm in CO, and my wife is from New Bern... so she's enjoying news of snow from her relatives back home while I... well, trundle off to work in the ice and snow, although oddly enough it's supposed to hit 55 today before dropping quickly for snow in a day or two.

I'm looking forward to pictures of birds in the snow.

Isn't snow rather bad for those birds which do not have human feed suppliers? It certainly brings them all to the feeding table, which suggests that those out of range of the table might be having a bad time.

Actually, it's better than cold-cold. Eating snow will lower their body temperature, so it's good to put out water if you can, but having all the water frozen will cause them to dehydrate, which is much worse.

Now, the polar vortex things aren't good for birds in general, let's be clear--migratory birds are wintering farther north, owing to climate change, and the arctic blasts whomp 'em hard--but birds overwintering in snow zones are generally pretty well adapted to it. It's the bitter cold plunges that really hit them hard.

Yay snow!

(I'm supposed to be driving down in your direction to near the Research Triangle tomorrow for work. I was supposed to go down today, but my host called and said roads would be bad, so maybe delay for one day. Do you think I'll be able to get in no problem tomorrow?)

Um. Seems unlikely, frankly.

But bear in mind I'm way out of town and can't even see the roads from here--for all I know they're bone dry, though I don't think they are. They brined everything pretty good, but we really don't have anything like the infrastructure for snow. So I'd be skeptical and/or allow a LOT of extra time.

Yet another person from Colorado chiming in. Snow in North Carolina is so exciting. I grew up in Winston-Salem. One of my fondest memories is my parents waking me and my sister up in the middle of the night to play in the snow. That was a good call, while school was canceled the next day the snow started melting at dawn and was gone by 10 or 11 o'clock. (I think this was in 63' or so ish) (memory does not serve)

^_________^ The birds are all doing their own form of blogging about the snow, side by side on the branches and fences; they have food and nothing's trying to eat them, which is pretty good if you're a bird.

Staying inside while the snow is outside is the best thing ever. Now, I am just trying to get enough work done to justify a bit of Minecraft.

Happiness is...
Stepping outside at 3pm to shovel snow off driveway, only to discover it's all melted away from pavement! :)
Still have plenty of snow on grass for dogs to play in.

Alas, here in SE Michigan the joy has been replaced with grim stoicism. I'm glad you're getting some joy, though.

I grew up in California and only saw actual snow in my area once. We had to drive a couple of hours to see snow, typically. I've seen it 1-2 times a year since I moved elsewhere, but it's still rare enough that I act like you every time. It's always glorious, so long as I can stay home!

We got snow (for about 15 mins then it turned back to sleet) in Houston yesterday. after these cold days I'm counting the days til spring. (but that probably has something to do with the fact that I have 37 horses, outside dogs and cats to take care of...not so much fun in the ice)

i wish i could be excited about snow.

i wish we HAD snow. sure, we got a light dusting, but we ought to have FEET.

Come to Canada, we have extra

No but seriously there has been at least one case of a Canadian man selling the snow on his property off on e-bay. If you bring the shovel and the truck, you can just have ours.

Snow is guaranteed to bring out my inner child, but I always feel cheated when what we get is a light dusting - barely enough for a snowball, never mind a snowcat..

Even as a lifelong resident of temperate climes which get snow on a regular basis, the first snowfall of the year never stops being a magical time. Enjoy. :-)

I still maintain that the only people that love snow are the ones that don't have to regularly drive in it. Like in central illinois, which is just FLAT rural farmland with a small town every 5-10 miles, 6 inches is not enough to call off work, even when the snow removal budget is shot to hell and the highways are dotted in 12inch+ drifts with not a plow in sight. Also when the temperatures are too low to bother putting salt and chemicals down. Ugh. I am definitely one of those types that has been smothered under the weight of grim familiarity. 25 years of midwestern winters is enough.

Glad you're enjoying Satan's Powder, though!

Come back to MN! We have LOTS of snow for you! FEET! VAST MOUNDS of WHITE!!!

Well, most of it is white...

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