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Deleted Scene

It occurred to me that I forgot one brief and entertaining exchange from last night's D&D session, as he lays the groundwork for introducing our new character.

Our druid had been snatched off by his magic owl spirit guide, leaving us down a player. We prepared to mount our horses and go in pursuit of our butler when...

GM: One more thing...

GM: There's a note tied to the pommel of your horse's saddle. It says "Sending in a pinch-hitter for you. You'll have to train this one." It's signed "Ancient Gil."

PALADIN: Train someone? Arrgh! I write "motherfucker" on the note and toss it over my shoulder.

GM: It vanishes. There's another note tied to your horse.

PALADIN: ...okay.

GM: It says "Don't sass me, boy."

PALADIN: ...I write "yes, sir," on the note.

GM: Damn right you do.
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Ancient Gil probably literally has a can of whoop-ass somewhere on his person...

Is the druid's player switching characters, or are you actually trading game group members?

I'm switching characters for a bit.

So do player trades in D&D work the same as they do in baseball? "We'll give you our Druid for a case of beer and a spellcaster to be named later."


Looking forward to see what your Paladin ends up with as an apprentice.

Wanted to know, do you all play at one location and your recall of the game conversation is just awesome. Or do you play on line with the benefit of cut and paste? (Still awesome).

Man, if they all played in one place, they could record a podcast of the hilarity and we'd all love it.

you guys could totally record even if not all in one place... just saying, there are folks out here to listen ;) loving the continuing saga!

Well that's settled then. We need a D&D podcast...


And I don't even play! (makes sadface)

I have played Very Little. I knew an amazing DM, probably could rival Kevin for adaptability... and I know that's saying something. Sadly, the rest of my playing friends and the other two DM's... well, not as much. I love living vicariously with Ursula's group though.

I hung around with a group in college that played D&D back in the (cough)ies from a book and an actual gameboard. I liked it, but could never get into it.

Hubby used to roleplay on Google Hangouts which, I believe, can be recorded and released as a podcast…

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