UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Nothing Much To Report

I have managed to hammer out nearly 10K so far this week, which is pretty darn good for me. (May never go anywhere, but it's nearly 20K at this point, and generally once it cracks 15K it's alive and is A Thing That Will Happen Eventually, so I am cautiously optimistic.)

I got a review that called "Jackalope Wives" "not a great story" and I spent two days moping at the bottom of the Weeping Closet, from which I was extracted via Cheesecake Factory. Because this is how writers are. (Well, how I am. YMMV.)

Penguin sent me a check. (We eat! Woo!) Amazon UK also sent me a check, because I had my preferences set wrong, and that meant that the poor tellers at my local bank had to work out how to cash a check in pounds from Luxembourg, which is not something that comes up much in rural North Carolina. (Dusty binders were removed from dusty filing cabinets. They were very nice about it.)

My agent informed me that she was sending Regency Ninja out to an editor who requested to see it. I have no real hope, but I'm thrilled that she still loves it enough to be trying to get into editorial hands.

I ordered a bunch of vegetable seeds and bought a couple of books on vegetable gardening in the Southeast, in hopes that I will find the one book that says "You. Ursula Vernon. With the wombats. You are to lay down cow manure on this date, follow with some garden soil because that crap clay you've got isn't dirt. You are to plant seeds on this date in this precise place and then you are to mulch when the seedlings are X high. You will fertilize with THIS on the following dates. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?!"

This book does not exist, but I keep hoping.

Really, nothing much going on--just holding on until spring.

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