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52+ Photos: Week 5 & 6

Well, those weeks got away from me.

I have been busy, and I think the weather is getting to me. Lots of stuff is getting done--or at least words are getting written--but part of my brain is going oh god the world is broken and it is so large and I am too small and I cannot fix it and nothing is working and everything is going to hell and someday I will stand before the saints and angels to justify my existence and they will say "Everything going wrong with the world, and the best you could think to do was plant heirloom beets?!"

The fix for this is either more sunlight or less stupid people and I suspect buying a sunlamp is easier.

But I did get a photo done! Only one, but it's something!


Picture looks so warm and inviting and... sleep-inducing... zzz...

Aw. Cats are adorable!
And I think you can stand strong before the angels with your heirloom beets.

I'd been playing Sexist Asshat Bingo on Facebook this morning (I think I have a blacked out card, at this point) and then I refreshed Tumblr and there was a cuddly cat. It made my afternoon much brighter, so thank you for that.

ETA: I think planting heirloom beets is a worthy response to the world being awful, but I live in California and we're facing a drought and at the moment I'm not sure I'm going to be able to plant anything. So please, plant heirloom beets and post photos, that I might live vicariously through your historically significant root vegetables.

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Heirloom beets have to vr a big plus.
Not to mention, backyard habitat! and promotion thereof!
And the whole art, literature (yep), humor, joy, wombats thing.
You're covered. :-) In mulch! ;-)

Very nice cat photo, layers of cosy beige. Purr.

Planting heirloom beets helps to build the world.

The saints left off the work early, and the angels have never been engaged in it.

You go girl!

Costco has light therapy lights for not-too-pricey. I have one on my desk at work.

Also, that is a really nice photo. It's...soothing. I somehow cannot manage to take soothing photos of my cats. Mostly they look like dorks in pictures, or I get the camera-hating death glare.

What I learned about light therapy: Since I've been walking dogs (10+ years) I have no more depression because I get to see the sun rise and set, and have to be outside everyday. (Oh, and…dogs!)

I'm just saying I haven't needed a full-spectrum lightbox, although that would be a nice thing to have. (And that's a beautiful cat.)

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(Deleted comment)
I concur; my two cats are wonderful bed warmers, too.

I, too, believe that heirloom beets are a worthy occupation.

And that's a lovely picture.

"To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition...this is to have succeeded." --Ralph Waldo Emerson

Heirloom beets make the world better. Chioggia especially.

Heirloom beets are the anti-monocropping. For that alone St. Peter should be pleased with you.

I love the "sculpture arising from the desert dunes" effect in the photo.

1. That is the smooshiest picture of a sleepy kitty ever.

2. Sunlamps are awesome.

Before enlightenment, pull screaming buttweed and plant heirloom beets.

After enlightenment, pull screaming buttweed and plant heirloom beets.

(If not familiar.)

I have a sunlamp I need to get rid of. You want it?

Aw, thank you! But I've got one, actually, I just never set it up because...effort/won't help/rationalizations. I should fix that.

Have you considered hydro / aqua ponics? It seems pretty interesting and actually requires less water and space (especially if you set up towers or A frames) than traditional gardens. And since there is no dirt, you should have crouching tiger, stinging centipede problems. You mentioned clay soil issues on a previous post, so just wanted to throw that out there as an idea.

I.. hu.. actually read 'aqua pony' and my brain went straight to 'But kelpies aren't the solution to seasonal distress!'