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Morally Ambiguous Honey Badgers

Twitter went weird places this afternoon. All I have learned today is that clarity is hard, but honey badgers are surprisingly easy, and some day I should do a children's book featuring honey badgers named Harry and Henrietta.

And then this sort of happened. (Henrietta is the one on the right.)


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But did Harry get to keep the hat?

I love this and I love you.

Platonic-like. Not in a creepy way.

A couple of years ago I had two students with these exact names. And even the honey badgers' attitude matches them. Uncanny.

Your icon fills me with delight. The child of my daughter's housemates sometimes does her homework while holding a chicken.


Unfortunately, I think I'm the snake.

And it's only a short step from honey badgers to wolverines, and then where would we be?

(Deleted comment)
Or in court, being sued by Marvel Comics, because I think they have the Morally Ambiguous Wolverine market sewed up.

You've seen the .gifs that PBS put up on its tumblr, yeah? *chin!hands* Anyway, "Nature" is on the honey badger February 19th. (/gratuitous info dump)

Just went to check them out and realized I've met the badgers featured in the promo video :). Got the story about the lions and the explanation for why they've had to remove all sticks of a certain size from the honey badger enclosure, to stop them from climbing out! Very curious and charming in person, though <3

Can I have a Honey Badger?
I know someplace I want to let it loose...

I think I'm going to get myself a rubber snake...[well, you can't use a real one. That'd be cruel... to the snake.]

Really not sure "honey badger" and "children's book" should go together...

(Deleted comment)
And eating crocodile babies. And castrating things JUST FOR FUN.

I wanna borrow your honeybadger with a snake. Might come in useful. For reasons.

I would read that. Heck I keep meaning to read your other stuff, then save it for when I have kids. -plots-

Unrelated to any kind of kerfluffle, I've been trying to figure out how to draw badgers for *weeks* now!

I'm with Henrietta. Life's a very simple thing if you can just hit people with a snake when they annoy you. Or spray 'em with a Super-Soaker without, say, fear of legal repercussions.

At some point when my two children were in the preschool or early elementary stage, I remember saying, "I knew when we decided to have a second child it was inevitable that at some point I would end up saying, "Stop hitting your sister." But I never expected to find myself saying, "Stop hitting your sister with a rubber snake."

Parenthood is one long series of things you never expected to find yourself saying. ("Please take your finger out of my ear.")

I fully endorse a honey badger book.


Hardcover, with pins, stickers, Kickstarter exlusive dust jacket...
Something to fit next to the Digger Omnibus Hardcover in the bookshelf.

t has just occurred to me that the illustration above is a cosplay waiting to happen.

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