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Morally Ambiguous Honey Badger Valentines

Because I love you all.



Please Note: Morally Ambiguous Honey Badgers are morally ambiguous! The creative mind behind them does not endorse actual violence against one’s enemies.

That is all.

(You may distribute or print out if there is someone who needs it today, as long as it's non-commercial yadda yadda yadda.)

Et tē amāmus, Vrsula nostra cara!

Oh that second one!! These are delightful and a wonderful change from Hallmark!

Fabulous! A friend at work has a wife who isn't going to be happy no matter what today (outside of both their control). He's going to love these.

I'm not so sure that Henrietta can be described as morally ambiguous any more. There's very little ambiguity there :-)

She may be ever so different if she gets her soul back...

Definitely not cards you'd find in the store. Way better. Love them!

You are an excellent person who does excellent things excellently.

Oh my god I'm sending my bestie the first one, oh my god.

Also, happy Valentine's Day! May you enjoy it and be happy and eat lots of chocolate after it goes on sale tomorrow. You are a wonderful artist and author, and I always enjoy your stuff: please be my online stranger!artist/author Valentine!

Totally sending my boyfriend the first one....

but Ursula, the one I REALLY love is you~ (also I'm the person who sent the huge box of instant noodles from Korea like three years ago, the ones with the English directions all taped to the packages on the backs of my old flashcards? so it's not like I haven't declared my undying adoration before!!!)

Thank you again for the noodles! We have made many of them. Someday, we hope to recover.

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Thank you so much for these. My Monster is going to get them as one of her V-Day offerings...

I'm sad I never get valentines like the last one :-)

These are awesome, I'm having to share them with everyone one ;-)

Oh my god, that second one is the BEST. <3

ditto. some days, that's exactly the kind of lover one needs.

I... can't even begin to tell you how much I love these (though whups, I just started, didn't I?) They symbolize how I feel about Romantic Singularity Day in ways that touch my heart right below the Posterier Vena Cava. THANK YOU.

"And that's when we discovered the heart of that jerk from the Internet was three sizes too small."

I didn't think this could be made any better, and yet somehow you did.