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Insect Army

I, uh, may have done some guest art for John Scalzi, on a topic I felt strongly about.

Join The Insect Army

R.A Heinlien would approve indeed.

This is one of the many reasons I adore you. You're a talented creative person and a good human being.

I found that something good came of this unpleasantness. I found MKR's books. I'm devouring her first one now.

The last round of this nonsense was when I discovered MRK as well. I wish there was a better way to go author-shopping though

I love it when people (like you! and Scalzi! and MRK!) turn anger/disgust/frustration/etc. over this sort of thing into something creative and funny and thought-provoking.

I would consider joining said Insect Army but I don't think 'self-publishes a comic on the web' qualifies for SFWA membership unless maybe you're one of the top five web comics and maybe not even then, no matter how sci-fi your comic is. SFWA's membership requirements kinda feel like they're becoming out of touch - I don't think any of the new wave of Amazon e-book superstars would qualify at all under what the web site says!

I mean I guess all us people who are so sci-fi that we distribute our work through the superscience network of calculating machines can qualify as 'affiliate' members, but that just doesn't sound the same. (And never mind the fact that graphic novelists like me are only allowed to ever be affiliate members anyway.)

It's totally messed up. Changing the membership requirements are on the top of the list for discussion once they reincorporate, but that's tied up in tax law so everything's in limbo until the IRS stamps some form or other.

I don't know if they'd EVER let illustrators in--or game writers, or any of the other people I'd like to see--but they could at least get self-published reqs in place, and I think we'd see a huge jump in membership.

People seem to be having a lot of fun playing with that.

Do the spiders form the Corps of Engineers?

(Deleted comment)

(It's funny. You and Scalzi are two of the more prolific posters on my daily reading, so for some time my hindbrain assumed that of course you knew each other... until a year or two ago, when something caused me to consciously examine that notion and notice the mis-logic Now the two of you have started up with occasional cross-references to each other, and my hindbrain is yelling, "SEE!". :)

I think they became more acquainted after Scalzi handed her the Hugo award, and she made the visual joke of handing it back to him to ensure that it indeed had her name on it. :D

The Insect Army
lyrics by Cat Faber 2014

On SFWA's old Internet forum, some folk let their prejudice free
Some dinosaur talked about insects, meaning regular people like me
I would have just shrugged and said "moron" but Scalzi locked on and attached
Mocked it and then he embraced it and the Insect Army was hatched.

The wasp and the mud dauber Air Force, the dragonfly first bombardiers
The shock troops are mantis and scarabs, an arachnid auxiliary nears.
The ever adaptable cockroach, the near-indestructible ant,
We are the Insect Army--you think you can win, but you can't.

Rosie the Roach says we'll do it; she's sure we can give them the boot
I flourish my sword, and my raygun, as I whip out a snappy salute
We'll write the tales of tomorrow, we'll rule the world in due course
We are the insect army--reporting for duty in force!

Writers adhere to three models: the dinosaurs flourished of old
The mammals are tops at the moment, but insects the future unfold
We're tired of dinosaur logic and dinosaur roaring and fuss
We are the insect army--the future is woven by us.


For those interested in joining the Insect Army, there are plenty of volunteers who are not actually SFWA members; I don't think it's required. Only the ants and bees are organized enough to notice.

(Deleted comment)
That's exactly what I did. I saw it, I went "...that's got to be Ursula," peered more closely at the signature, and went "Yep." :)

I love the blaster and sword, SF and F, makes awesome sense!

Ima be an aux. member, as I have no qualifications for joining..


I'll go with.. Eumorpha achemon (sphinx)

Yes, i'll be a Sphinx. I like this army.

I'm trying really really hard not to be deeply disappointed in some writers I quite like being part of the latest kerfluffle, and trying really hard to see where they are coming from. I'm failing at it and have lost a great deal of respect for said authors, even if they do have a tiny point in the whole thing. I can forgive signing on a thing because you can see a point, but not signing onto such a badly written and banal POS.

You, however, are all the awesome, and Scalzi is ok too.

If they believed in the cause but not the way it was written, THEY COULD HAVE RE-WRITTEN IT THEMSELVES! Or started their own online petition which more accurately reflected their views! Or signed it and said, "Here's specifically where I think it's flawed, but I agree overall"!

I want to start writing science fiction just so I can sign up as a dragonfly nymph and lurk under rocks grabbing people with my retractable jaws.