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So a big thanks to everybody who sent me links to Twine as an engine. I'm checking into that now for Cryptic Stitching, because...well...I couldn't bear the thought of everybody in Cryptic Stitching vanishing into the aether. There's so much I love about the world, and I want other people to love it, too. (Or hate it. But at least get a chance to meet it!)

Twine looks very promising. (Kevin got into the open-source code and started doing arcane things to the computer and making appreciative noises, anyway.) I think I could probably get it to do something reasonably akin to what I wanted Cryptic Stitching to do.  (Certainly I can import a lot of the text...) There's the inevitable issues of figuring out how to translate things, and Twine would require a certain linearity, so it's less open world (although I suspect that people have worked out clever ways to make it feel pretty open.)

(And there is no limited number of turns. You could presumably burn through the game in an hour or two if you wanted, if you're that sort of person.)

The nice thing about this is that since it'd be locally hosted, it generates HTML and it's open source, I don't have to worry about the developer stopping support. (Heck, it's Python. Kevin can troubleshoot, if things get rough.)  (My thanks to people who speculated about Kickstarter, but I A) do not want to go to that well too often B) get really iffy about taking money for stuff that I don't already know is possible and C) was really not keen on taking money for something that hinges on somebody else's intellectual property/engine/thingy.)

So, I guess my next trick is to try to figure out how to port this sucker...

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My husband is working on a Twine game - it seems like a very interesting engine. I think one could leverage it to make something quite complex but most people use it for rather simple, linear, stories because, well, that's easier. :D

The way he describes how he is proceeding with his is that there is a main story with "eddies" that lead to other eddies and may come back to the origin of the first eddy or may come back in at a different point. Thus each player will experience the story in a slightly different way.

Another potential option is Ren'py which is, at the most basic level, a visual novel engine. However, it can be customized using Python and some folks have created scripts anyone can use or expand upon.

I hope you find something that will suit what you have in mind!

That seems like a very good description! Because of the node-view layout, I am thinking of it rather like a dungeon crawl with lots of little chambers and one-way passages, but I grew up on graph paper. *grin*

Functions and turns

Hi Ursula, I've played around with Twine a bit and you may be able to limit a player's turns using functions (http://twinery.org/wiki/function).

Re: Functions and turns

I'm not so worried about limiting turns--at the moment, I'm trying to figure out how to get variables to persist so that I can playtest the darn thing without having to start from the beginning all the time! (Without using "remember" because that would bork it for people replaying if I didn't go take it back out...)

I suppose I could set up a passage that I always use as my base, that sets all the variables where I want them, and then link that to whatever I want to playtest, but it's...inelegant.

Re: Functions and turns


I do a lot of work in Twine, and my gf linked me to your post here. The way that I tend to go about this is using shortcuts; Having a link to a passage where all the relevant variables are either preset, or set using a cyclinglink (which can be found at http://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/5020 ) which allows me to test a variety of playstates a lot quicker than I otherwise would be able to.

For the first method you can make it even simpler, and use the new functionality that allows links to change variables. The syntax for this is [[Link Name][$var1 = "panda", $var2 = 3.14, $var3 = false]], so you could use this to set all the vars you need and make it a shortcut to a later point in your story.

In terms of making things nonlinear, I tend to use passages as hubs for this, having them change according to whether different vars are set to different things. Zombie Ninja Confessional (https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3549705/ZNC/ZNC.html) uses a cycling set of passages, and I've had success with other games in using a passage for each time of day/segment of time I want the player to regularly move through.

Anyway, I hope that helps. :)

Re: Functions and turns

Awesome! Thank you! (I suspect it'll take me a little bit to understand, but I will look into the cycling link!)

So, Twining is your cup of tea? (ducks)


I was going to try to make a twine pun, but... Well, I just can't beat that. Well done.

You go in the corner and think about what you've done!

Oh my gosh, yay!

I loved that one can feed the birds,and then it occurred to me that of course, in a game you wrote, one would be able to feed the birds. :)

Well, naturally! What kind of game is it, if you can't feed little birds!? *grin*

And where there are important messages about not overharvesting plants!

lovely little game!

...is it bad that one of my favorite sequences so far is running from the little pink beastie who wants to feed you all the time? Alternated with letting her feed my character (wandering dog!) I look forward to seeing what happens with it!

Re: lovely little game!

ahh, running from the pink hedgehog is what i'm doing right now! enjoying it ever so much and glad that it's going to still have life! :)

I am a fuzzy mouse thing, I have been to the stream, and now I am at the Steppes, I have seen things I don't think I was supposed to see, that Topiary Tree with the suggestion of teeth weirded me out.

My little Velveteen Mousie is a rather fierce thing, likes hunting it seems 8-)

I am having a ball with Many Darts, the fierce weasely animal friend. The world is absolutely charming, and I'm really enjoying all the little tidbits.

*Ahem* link plz?!

Reading all this sounds interesting...and if you need beta-testers I'll volunteer. [I have fun just wandering around game worlds, admiring the artwork and so on.]

Whoops! Uh, Cryptic Stitching as StoryNexus game is at http://crypticstitching.storynexus.com/s

The Twine version doesn't exist yet--just barely started with it, but having fun so far!

Thanks.. I'll play with that and wait [im]patiently for the 'new & improved' version, with more twine. [honestly, could you find a more aptly named game engine?!]

"When you're fleeing for your life, you have no time for ornaments," he says. "That's why I make them."

This. Is. So. Awesome!

Am I the only person who sees the inevitability of a game called Cryptic Stitching being run by Twine?

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