UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Cryptic Stitching: Help, Questions, Generalized Praise, Random Criticism, Weeping

Hey gang, since I'm starting to get comments and support requests in for things, like how to get fishbones and where to find a Songsnail is and so forth, I'm putting up this post so people can ask directly. Because if one person is stuck, other people will be, too!

If you have any comments you'd like to leave, good or bad, his is as good a centralized place as any, and I'll try to keep track of the comment section in case people have questions. (I have no problem telling people how to do something--*I* look at walkthroughs all the time, so it is not in me to judge!)

As always, what I'm now calling Cryptic Stitching 1.0 is available at Cryptic Stitching

Cryptic Stitching 2.0 is in the works, using the Twine engine, and I am currently figure out all sorts of neat things I can do, although the ultimate result will be visually very different and will not have limited turns. (yay!)


While finishing the main storyline leads you to the Act 2 card, there's a lot of stuff you can do that's unrelated, including...

Visit the mammoth graveyard
Slay the Wool-Tribe Shearer
Uncover the mystery of the Odd Sheep
Fall under the shadow of the Uncrow
Hunting at the Foot of the Glacier
Experiencing very strange weather
Visit the Cavern of the Sewing Ones

If you make some very poor (and very specific!) life choices, you may find yourself...

Blacklisted by the Great Spirits
Chosen of the Great Dodo Spirit
Foster parent to Leatherette Tortoise hatchlings

So, y'know. *grin*

ETA: The Leatherette Tortoise quest line is buggy as all get out, apparently. If you were stuck in the Spirit World, that SHOULD be fixed, but the redemption quest is not firing properly. I will address this as soon as possible, but it's a tangle, so...err...don't wait on it.
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