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Cryptic Stitching: Help, Questions, Generalized Praise, Random Criticism, Weeping

Hey gang, since I'm starting to get comments and support requests in for things, like how to get fishbones and where to find a Songsnail is and so forth, I'm putting up this post so people can ask directly. Because if one person is stuck, other people will be, too!

If you have any comments you'd like to leave, good or bad, his is as good a centralized place as any, and I'll try to keep track of the comment section in case people have questions. (I have no problem telling people how to do something--*I* look at walkthroughs all the time, so it is not in me to judge!)

As always, what I'm now calling Cryptic Stitching 1.0 is available at Cryptic Stitching

Cryptic Stitching 2.0 is in the works, using the Twine engine, and I am currently figure out all sorts of neat things I can do, although the ultimate result will be visually very different and will not have limited turns. (yay!)


While finishing the main storyline leads you to the Act 2 card, there's a lot of stuff you can do that's unrelated, including...

Visit the mammoth graveyard
Slay the Wool-Tribe Shearer
Uncover the mystery of the Odd Sheep
Fall under the shadow of the Uncrow
Hunting at the Foot of the Glacier
Experiencing very strange weather
Visit the Cavern of the Sewing Ones

If you make some very poor (and very specific!) life choices, you may find yourself...

Blacklisted by the Great Spirits
Chosen of the Great Dodo Spirit
Foster parent to Leatherette Tortoise hatchlings

So, y'know. *grin*

ETA: The Leatherette Tortoise quest line is buggy as all get out, apparently. If you were stuck in the Spirit World, that SHOULD be fixed, but the redemption quest is not firing properly. I will address this as soon as possible, but it's a tangle, so...err...don't wait on it.

Fishbones for the Belt Merchant

Since this question has come up--there is a very special fish Streamside, but you will require the Even Pointier Stick to hunt it.

Re: Fishbones for the Belt Merchant

Oh goodness, there is an Even Pointier Stick? :D I guess I should keep 'poking' at Stitching 1.0. I managed to get to the end of act 1!

Not a question

Your posting of the Lonely Tortoise led me to look for it in copies of the Arabian Nights which led me to discover that there is a translation of Arabian Nights in Gaelic - Thank you.

I am really enjoying it so far. Your world is fantastic and deep. I love all the characters.

One thing I have found is that while it takes an action to get three new cards, because most of the cards don't require an action to actually do the thing I ended up just doing all of them, and got a ton of amber/herbs/whatnot and upped all my skills really quickly. If you make doing something take an action and rejecting it free, it makes you think a lot more about what things you want to do, which gives you more of a 'personality'. (Comparing your game with what I remember from playing Fallen London a few years ago.) It does make everything take a bit longer, but I don't think that's a bad thing.

Also a lot of the cards have only one 'Skill' option for how to do them, so you end up levelling all of your skills roughly equally, rather than specialising in anything. (I wanted to specialise in Keen and Fierce, but Cuddly and Sturdy have ended up being about the same.) Again, choosing whether to do something the 'Keen' way or the 'Cuddly' way is personality shaping. Although this is part of the above mentioned 'doing everything' problem, and if you change that this might solve itself, as I would simply not do as many of the tasks for the skills I wasn't specialising in.

Finally there was only one time I noticed so far when being a mouse made a difference. (And I don't know if there were options for other species that I didn't see because I'm not the right one.) It would be really cool if the different species had more different experiences, although I appreciate that would be a ton of extra work.

All of this is very much YMMV, but you asked for opinions... And things are plenty fun as they are.

Oooh, I also have a query/potential bug. I finally caught up with the satin frog but my Animal-Friend skill was too HIGH to communicate with him properly. Is there meant to be an upper limit on that option?

Too HIGH!? That's a bug!

Okay, fixing! Thank you for pointing it out!

More generally, yeah, there's not as many species specific options as I'd like. It proved unwieldy in practice on the StoryNexus engine--a couple species (Fox, Mouse, Weasel) got subquests, but this is something that I'm hoping will work a lot better in Twine.

I have finally conquered the oven! But how many casseroles do I have to eat before I get lucky with the pink hedgehog?
What kind of unrealistic game has one turn down free food, srsly.

Sometimes we are forced to make terrible moral choices.

I know from other comments that the belt merchant is something that exists, I just can't figure out how I get the belt merchant card.

How do I belt merchant, help!

I ran into him at the Wool Tribe's camp, I think. Not sure if you need certain prereqs for his card to show up, though.

So I'm doing Way of the Beast-Speaker, and I can't seem to find Juniper-Bones anymore. I went Downstream and leveled my Animal-Friend up to 20 like she said, but now that I'm back upstream I haven't been able to find her. I've been hanging out Streamside for quite a while now, to the point that I have fish-scales coming out my ears (and this is after getting the Cloak Maker to make me the Sparkliest Cloak in the World - master of stealth, I am not) and more Lumpy Fungus than I know what to do with (I'd sell it to the Herb Wife, but that takes an action per mushroom, and I'd rather spend my actions doing fun things). I just want to make sure that I'm in the correct place to meet her again. I thought she said to meet her back here, but that was a while ago, and now I'm not certain I'm remembering correctly. So, is Juniper-Bones around here, and I've just had bad luck with drawing my cards, or should I be looking for her someplace else?

She actually finds you downstream!

Okay, I'm doing the Way of the Shaman. Where am I supposed to be hanging out if I want the Leaf from the Tree of Bone? I've hung out near the stream, gone hunting on the steppes, and am currently wandering around on the glacier. Give a weasel a hint?

The Tree of Bone is not found by the living.

I was very pleased to see Quippet show up again. One thing: I kind of wish there was an unfazed option to him explaining he hears voices. Obviously I don't expect a "so do I" option in game, but it would be nice to not have to sputter awkwardly.

Noted! I can add "I see"--would that work?

(Deleted comment)
Yes, you're not supposed to get any more newcomer quests.

Exotic beast hides are a rare drop from some of the huntable beasts--I'd have to go check which one. Possibly they're TOO rare a drop...

I love it entirely -- even if I do keep losing stuffing. But now I'm worried that I will never have leatherette tortoise hatchlings in my life.

Also, it was really traumatic killing enough hamsters to bring the furs back once I'd befriended one. Really really traumatic...

One thing I've noticed is that I'm getting some of the benefits of my items even if I don't have them equipped. For instance, when I was wandering around the glacier, I unequipped my lovely flannel cloak because I was trying to freeze to death, but I still had the option of ignoring the wind instead of hunkering down. (I eventually managed to freeze myself to death anyway! So it worked out!) And my stats all show the bonuses, whether I'm wearing my sturgeon spine belt or the beaded one. Harder to say whether those are being applied to the challenges or not, since the success/fail messages don't say Sturdy 19 succeeded/failed or not. In any case, thought I'd mention it.

(Also, I've heard tell of an amber lungfish collar...? Where does one find such a thing? My poor little lungfish deserves to be decked out in style. I mean, the frog has a pool and the songsnail has a love nest. I wouldn't want him to feel neglected!)

Hmm. They're only supposed to provide bonuses if equipped, but merely having one is enough to trigger the hunker-down card. (There's not really a status option for "show IF X is Equipped" built into the engine.)

*laugh* The amber lungfish collar was a joke I put in for my friend Otter who kept grinding long after she had purchased every available item. It costs like a thousand amber and does nothing. (Can't recall the exact price.)

There is also an achievement at some stupidly high Amber level where you achieve "You now have ALL THE AMBER IN THE WORLD" again, because of her.

Dear Ursula: I hate being a Luddite here, faced with new technology I have no hope of mastering -- but I AM. Despite this failing, your post -- and the stunningly complicated comments -- amused the heck out of me. The WHOLE thing seemed a delicious satire, even though I know you take gaming somewhat seriously. But you clearly intended parts to be comic -- and they ARE! The "...very poor (and very specific!) life choices" are a scream!

And I've GOT to know whether the Sewing Ones use Cryptic Stitching!

Yup, I know. *grin*

Edited at 2014-03-04 11:09 pm (UTC)

use of player's name

Have been playing about three days now. Today was the first day that someone used my name (the SparkleRam). It may have happened before but I don't think so because it shocked me when I read it. So while "Hi, kytyn, I'm so glad you're here, kytyn. Have a casserole, kytyn" would gets horribly annoying it might be something to review. (again, compared to many of these comments I'm not very far in but have probably done 50-60 sets of cards?)

Re: use of player's name

Ha! That's "Ursula only discovered the thing that did that way late in development" at work...

I am really enjoying this, although I probably shouldn't say much about game mechanics because I kind of want to flail in distress every time somebody gives you advice on how to slow it down.

(I am, perhaps, not cut out for this sort of game in spite of playing them. I am impatient. It is unwise for me to pick up a book when I have other things I should be doing soonish, because I read in gulps. I keep getting bored and wandering off from Fallen London, and then I miss stuff.)

However, would it be an awful lot of trouble/counterproductive to build in potential reminders for the scatterbrained among us, or perhaps those who resume the game after a delay? I am supposed to be looking for grain smut to do something about these tree clams (and am slightly terrified that I've been spreading the infestation everywhere I go), but as soon as I clicked away from the page, I realized I had somehow forgotten where the Herb-Wife told me to go. I assume if I wander to all the different areas I will eventually find it, though.

I actually think that's a really good idea, and I'm not entirely sure how to do it, but I expect if I put my mind to it, I could figure it out...maybe for some of these fetch quests, I can put a note in your yurt saying "Looking for grain smut" or whatever...

Tree clams! (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Tree clams! (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Tree clams! (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Tree clams! (Anonymous) Expand
Oh my goodness, the way everyone treats the Odd Sheep is just... perfect. Thank you so much for that.

*grin* Thank you! Glad you like it!