UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Slice of Life: Game Development Edition

AAAAAUGH THINGS ARE BREAKING they're not allowed to break we playtested the hell out of it why are they broken how are they broken why can't I fix it oh god, this other thing is broken oh crap oh crap but this worked before WHAT WENT WRONG AAAAUGHHHH...


That is to say, the Leatherette Tortoise quest line is weirdly bugged. It is my fault! (of course!) but I am unsure of how to get a workaround going, looking into it, that will retroactively apply. It should be fixed going forward--probably--I think. (Basically a variable was set wrong so if you were sorry for killing the Tortoise, the Tortoise could show up again. Which is a nice thought, but unrealistic.)

So...um...we will fix it in the next version.

(Why did a weird shudder go down my spine when I said that? As if a thousand game designers gave a short bark of humorless laughter and then dropped their heads into their hands and wept?)
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