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Slice of Life: Game Development Edition

AAAAAUGH THINGS ARE BREAKING they're not allowed to break we playtested the hell out of it why are they broken how are they broken why can't I fix it oh god, this other thing is broken oh crap oh crap but this worked before WHAT WENT WRONG AAAAUGHHHH...


That is to say, the Leatherette Tortoise quest line is weirdly bugged. It is my fault! (of course!) but I am unsure of how to get a workaround going, looking into it, that will retroactively apply. It should be fixed going forward--probably--I think. (Basically a variable was set wrong so if you were sorry for killing the Tortoise, the Tortoise could show up again. Which is a nice thought, but unrealistic.)

So...um...we will fix it in the next version.

(Why did a weird shudder go down my spine when I said that? As if a thousand game designers gave a short bark of humorless laughter and then dropped their heads into their hands and wept?)

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Just remember Steve Wynn's favorite line: "It's not a bug, it's a feature!"

Is this bug in Cryptic Stitching 1.0, or in Cryptic Twining?

CrypticStitching 1.0. Cryptic Twining doesn't even have tortoises yet. Hell, it doesn't even have steppes for a tortoise to LIVE ON yet.

Shoulda realized that.
Welp, on the bright side that means that it doesn't matter as much, y/n? I mean, in Twine that whole sequence will be coded in some probably quite different manner.
(Which will generate its own bugs, but perhaps not this one!)

I came back from the dead

why can't the tortoise?

Hey, you un-trapped me from the Spirit World, I figure it's all good. :) Besides, have you seen a modern game that HASN'T found new bugs upon release? And they have huge teams to help them test!

Eternal everlasting tortoise is a feature!

Rule #whatever of software development: if it hasn't been tested recently, then it's broken. If it has been tested recently, then it's merely probably broken, just in a way your tests didn't cover.

People wonder why software isn't built to the same reliability standards as, say, bridges are, but then they balk at the $billions pricetag that everything would cost if software was built to those standards...

Heck, half the time they balk at paying enough to get the bridge built to standard... and the vast majority of the time they refuse to *maintain* the bridge at standard and arguably that is, over the lifecycle of the project, even more important. Grumble, shortsighted, grumble...

It's Turtles all the way down

Awwww. Why can't the Tortoise keep showing up until you're not sorry you killed it? You know, like an internet meme or an earwormy song? "skyyyyrockets in fliiiiight..."

Sympathies on things breaking. Kevin's making you use source control, right? Or is that even a thing for cryptic stitching/twining?

Re: It's Turtles all the way down

There is no source control for Story Nexus, alas. We have...um...something sort of like that for Cryptic2.0 but I think it mostly applies to Kevin. I am expected to break the world regularly and then fix it again.


99 little bugs in the code.
99 little bugs in the code.
Take one down, patch it around.

127 little bugs in the code . . .

< This makes me happy. Thank you!

This makes me happy thank you.

[Repost without the link, as it seems to set of your spam filter. My apologies if this seems like a double-post.]

Perhaps you should try to explain some of the bug-related problems to a teddy-bear*. After all, it worked for Alan Turing. His** was called Porgy, I understand.

Talking about hunting bugs to a stuffed bear seems fitting too, considering the nature of the game.

*) Some say a rubber duck, but I just think that's for people who want to code in the bath and I'm not sure that's a good idea.
**) The bear that is, I'm not aware if mr. Turing had a rubber duck, and if so, if he ever practiced his lectures at it.

Maidan. Inconvenient truth. Shooting in the back

Coding, wherein you learn to view all the problems that spawn from fixing a problem as progress.


Perhaps it's actually possible to bring something back to life if one is truly sorry.


It's a best left to those who understand it. And those who understand it, include < You ^ ^ > in their ranks.

Good job. Thanks for helping me get thru this particular mortal coil. Without your help, the art you have birthed, and your singular joyous wry gorgeous outlook on life... I would have remained Asleep.

Because of you, the art you've birthed, and your singular, joyous, wry, GORGEOUS outlook on life...


Namaste, my friend. We ain't seen yet.

this game is so CUTE! i'm having such fun, even though i'm apparently "shadowed" and i ate the green casserole ...


*raised eyebrow* You are concerned that an regenerating leatherette tortoise is unrealistic?

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