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Sky Blue and Grass Green

In case anybody isn't on Twitter, a very very short story in Tweets.

Sky Blue and Grass Green

*giggles so much*

I still say that if you keep this somewhere, and make a little book of "odds and ends" at some point when it's big enough, I will pay you cash money (well, electronic cash money) for it if you pub it. Or if T Kingfisher publishes it. Whichever.

Thank you for your story. It was very entertaining.

Your LJ threads attract the best sort of commentators, too. :)

oh my goodness, love this! <3

"Now, what have we learned?"

We have learned that roadrunners should've remembered that blue foods tend to kill you (as I've heard you expound on in KUAC episodes.) Beware the blue! Then again, I live in AZ and I've yet to see a roadrunner that won't gulp down anything and everything at *least* once.....

Excellent story!

Speaking of blue, did anyone ever get back to you, Ursula, regarding the shimmering blue stuff on your feet from that dig you were on back in college?

Not that I recall! I just assumed it was some fungus or other.

Ah, pity. I was curious, as it sounded rather pretty in that What-New-Horror-From-The-Desert-Is-This sort of way. I adore iridescent blue.

Where's the danged upvote button when you need it?
Blue foods, KUEC, and a new story!

The bear was much more convincing, being omnivorous and not particularly known for eating humans in the regular way of things.

*mad giggling* Love this!

I'm not on Twitter! And this is fantastic, thank you!