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Sky Blue and Grass Green

In case anybody isn't on Twitter, a very very short story in Tweets.

Sky Blue and Grass Green

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And sword wielding lizards _don't_ make you boggle? :-)

It's probably epigenetic. Of course, that's an easy word to cover a multitude of developmental processes. :-)

(Deleted comment)
Well, gender in alligators is determined by the temperature at which the egg incubates. So possibly different phenotypes can occur in whatever type of lizard this is by similar environmental influences (maybe the mother kept one carefully covered in warm grass, and the other had one end exposed to the blue sky....)

(also, wanted to say I love the way the pacing of the story fits with the Twitter format, along with the opportunities it provides for total confusion of unwary readers. I can just image people seeing that single "Because roadrunners are jerks" tweet.)
(I am not myself on Twitter. I just assume you all get all these random Tweets throughout the day.)

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