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Blind Blue Fox

Finally, I finish this piece! It’d been laying around for over a month. (It’s amazing what not having a book to work on gets you…)


I have the vague feeling this character should be important, but I’m not quite sure how…

Prints available, as always.

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Obviously a character from act 2 of Cryptic Stitching! ;)

Oh, Ed! I missed you so. I am sure even in the new incarnation as a young skin you will always be essential Ed.

You had the same thought that I did.

I get the blindfold, but why is there a straight pin stuck in it? (or is it one of those, 'I don't know, the muse told me to' sort of moments?)

Blind Justice Dingo Is Sick Of Your Bullshit?


Riddick's childhood plushie?

Oooh, intriguing. I'd like to see more from that universe.

I am just wondering how a stuffed toy oozes liquid - or is there something else lurking under the skin?

I had figured it was hardened wax to mask the eyes shut, like the Maiden in Black from Demon's Souls.

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