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Okay, let's give this Patreon thing a try...

All right! So as some of you recall, we spent a lot of time talking about Patreon recently, and I really appreciate the various insights from people on the topic. And while I had originally been a little iffy, some of you made some really good points, and we never get anywhere if we don't try.

I'm willing to give it a try. We have super small donation tiers--$1 or $2, recurring monthly--so...let's try it.

Buy Ursula Coffee (or Antacids) Fund

Now, the plug may get pulled on this at some point, if I start feeling like I'm not giving people good value for money--I love that so many of you want to kick me down a few bucks, but certain parts of my psyche are fragile in weird ways. And I absolutely, positively PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't want anybody to feel that because they can't kick in a buck a month, they are somehow less of a fan. You're not, I love you, I've been there, it's totally cool.

But hey, let's see how this thing works!

ETA: Wow, you guys! The support's been extraordinary--THANK YOU! I appreciate it! We're over $100 a month! That, like, covers KUEC food!

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Awesome. I think Patreon has great potential. I hope it works well for you. :)

Glad you decided to give it a try! :)

Let me note that I won't be backing this right now. Logging into sites on my phone is a pain, I am making a note to do it after I shovel my driveway tonight.

Driveway has been excavated again, and pledge has been pledged.

The pledge is lovely, but I'm impressed by the driveway thing! (I recall Minnesota driveways...all too well...)

Very very happy to have a way to contribute to the coffee and antacids fund :-) The world is richer for having you in it, thank you for letting us share the weird!

Best of luck to you! I can't join in at this time, but I still feel the love every time I look at my Tea Wizard or Smallrus print. Or heft my Digger omnibus, which I got my 14 year old son to read! He hearts Dragonbreath, I hope he gets as much out of Digger.

A small part of me always wanted to be a patron of the arts. And now in a small way I can be :)

I am happy to chip $1 a month into the keep the world weirder fund. Thank you.

I have always wanted to be a patron of the arts, and now I can be, not as much as I would have ideally liked to do.

Because I cannot thank you enough for making me laugh and cry and also for Digger which still gets me *right there* no matter how many times I read it.

Counting backwards, I realized I must have read your blog for close to ten years now. And now I can buy you coffee in return! Makes me happy :)

I have just contributed to World Wierdness. I am proud!

I can't contribute right now, but should be able to help make the world weirder within the next couple months. :D

Unrelated to anything. Or maybe to making the world weirder:

Last night my roommate was hemming her good skirt and grumbling about the tendency of the thread to turn into a rat's-nest. One thing led to another, and suddenly we were discussing rats as accessories to formal suits . . .

"I'm imagining this drawn Ursula Vernon style," I commented.

"Of course," she agreed solemnly.

If nothing else, I enjoyed reading the Patreon page you wrote. Thank you for a bright moment in the day.

FYI: tiny typo on Patreon page: "on the closet for" probably meant "floor"


Well, I didn't promise a world free of typos...thank god...

Hooray! ^_^

I hope this works out well. Looks like it's off to a great start.

I am so glad you decided to give this a whirl! I might think of my pledge as contributing to your seedlings-and-mulch fund, but you are of course under no obligation to acquire either!

...I think I can pretty much guarantee that I will! (Hmm, about time to make my order from Prairie Moon...)

I...actually tend to think of you whenever I pass by one of those places that has a mountain of mulch for people to buy, now.

When I got my confirmation, it said I will not be billed unless the artist produces the item required. On the other hand, the Patreon front page says that you are being Patronised at $XXX per month. I am guessing that the word month could be replaced by issue, picture or whatever else is being funded.

Which, I think, means that you are committing to ensure that every month there is a new month. I shall be holding you to this commitment. On the other hand, once you have laboured to ensure that the month is, indeed, new, you have fulfilled your commitment and your conscience can rest easy.

Thank you for doing your campaign the way you are! I've been looking into it recently as well, and have been hesitant for similar reasons. Sometimes it's easier to jump in when you see someone you look up to do it first!

Yay! Nothing, some nothing, and twice as much of nothing! Those choices are awesome. It's like I'm very gradually sending you a pizza, one bite at a time. But no ransom letters. ("If you ever want to see pepperoni again....")

My doctor made me wean off of prilosec (which was the same as the prescription stuff, omaprazole) because apparently your stomach can get addicted to that shiznit. It was a rough few months. But now I am an occasional partaker... and have piles of it around because I bought it bulk from Amazon. I think the purple boxes breed.

Oh, excellent! And I said I would if you did, so now I have! *grin* (And, since I'm done mangling the English language for the moment, I'll go back to my corner.)

I'm really pleased that it's working out for you! (And speaking as someone who is having some sad-tummy issues of my own, I'm VERY glad to be supporting your antacid habit -- NOT waiting until everything is terrible to treat the problem is highly recommended!)

-- A <3

I missed this and the Pat Rothfuss signing thing in my own city. Pledged, so long as the world decides to stop for a minute so I can catch up.

Looks like it's up past $100 now. At these prices, we might even be able to keep the Wild Teenager fed.

Edited at 2014-03-23 04:55 am (UTC)

Keep on weirding!

My dh and I have patroned. We don't normally verb nouns, but in your case we're making an exception.

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