UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Fifty Species Goal: #4-9

Wow! An awesome run of species ID, here in the House ‘o Squash.

I’ll spare you the photos of all of them, since they’re six moth species, ID’d by the nice people at BAMONA.org. ( If you’re bug sensitive, sit this one out–these are moths, not too scary, more like bits of fuzzy origami, but still.)

#4: Eutrapela clemataria Curved-Toothed Geometer

#5: Phoberia atomaris Common Oak Moth

#6: Acleris flavivittana Masked Leafroller

#7: Pyreferra hesperidago Mustard Sallow


Check out his awesome lines!

#8: Iridopsis larvaria Bent-Lined Gray (Is Iridopsis not a lovely word?)

#9: Cladara limitaria Mottled Gray Carpet


I’m a wedge!

All these moths were attracted to the porch light over the last few warm nights. I am getting in the habit of going out and taking photos (then turning off the porch light, so they can get on with their lives.)

Kevin will occasionally take the dogs out and then inform me there’s a moth I might be interested in. He is a good husband.

If you have the option, I cannot stress highly enough the awesomeness of taking moth photos--it's super easy, the bugs come to you, you submit them to BAMONA.org, they ID them and it helps build a map of what species are found where. I am often appalled by how little information we have--I've literally been the person to submit every moth sighting (except one Luna month) listed for my county. Some of the things that have shown up in my garden are the only one that have ever been listed in the state. It's not that I'm in the middle of a wildlife haven (although I try) it's that there's just no information. And some of this stuff could be really important! If a warm-weather pest extends its range northward because nights are getting warmer earlier, we need to know that stuff!

I'm using an iPhone 5 camera, no specialized equipment.

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