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It is the day I face the Tax Guy.

I have prepared. I have pre-paid. I have unwadded all the receipts and tallied them up and breathed into a paper bag.

And still, in my heart of hearts, a tiny voice screams "THEY WILL TAX YOU AT A 150% RATE!"

I know this is irrational. It does not quell the tiny voice.

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*hugs* I cannot help you with the tiny voice; I don't know anything useful to do about it.

At least you've got all the necessary work done, and soon this will be over.

I have to face the tax guy on Wednesday. I do not yet have my paperwork together. I have not prepaid. I am terrified.

Ditto. Though I think I get some kind of tax refund this year.

We did our taxes and for once got wonderful news! Therefore I am passing the wonderful to you.

Also http://jimhines.livejournal.com/ talks about you and Maggie Hogarth and the fact that he wants more honey badgers in the SWFA bulletin.

There should be more honey badgers just about everywhere.

Wouldn't 150% mean you technically have to be a slave for 6 months? Strange system you've got there. Good luck!

Keep repeating "I am not Richard Bach!"

You're a small business, you should be filing quarterly...

We should chat in a couple of months.

Drat, where's that evil grin emoji?

(Deleted comment)
I thought she meant she was going to talk to a tax preparer, not the IRS. *g*

My own direct experiences with people working for the IRS have also been pretty decent. One of them told me not to worry about... I think about a $10 error, which would probably have cost them more in processing. Two of them basically told me how to resolve a problem I was having with my employer, who had made a mistake that was not originally their fault regarding taxes I wasn't supposed to be paying at that time, and then gave me the runaround for six months or so about correcting it and insisted that no, this was not their job and they could not possibly fix it. Sigh. :P

(Deleted comment)
I thought she was about to have her taxes done and was expressing a known-to-be-not-fully-rational fear of what she might find out by describing the possibilities hyperbolically. Perhaps I underestimated the case.

Ah. Actually, perhaps I am missing an important element of experience. Is it possible to actually do one's taxes by taking the records personally to consult with someone who works for the IRS? I didn't know they did in-person interviews unless you were being audited.

You sound waaaay more prepared than most of the people my husband, who is a bookkeeper, deals with. I can't imagine what tax accountants usually deal with.

We once had a woman bring us a basket in which she'd been throwing receipts for *years*. Some of them had gum wadded in them. You're doing fine.

Eeeew. No. Just....no. *shudder*

We at least try to gather everything we need into one set of folders for our accountant. I'd try to do it myself, but every time I try to read tax documents and tax form instructions, my I go crosseyed and can't manage to understand what I'm reading. And I've been a technical writer. :/

Taxes? No no no.. that's a grown up thing. I can't hear you. La la la lala...

I just did my taxes (online, this year, because they are simple this year) and even though I withheld extra! I got my withholdings right this year! I had all my information!

I was still putting it off and putting it off out of fear of OMG THE TAX BILL OF YESTERYEAR.

Turns out, if you withhold extra, you get money back. This is particularly useful to me at this time due to recently being laid off. Huh.

You need cheesecake. Make Kevin get you cheesecake. Or at least a cheesecake scented paper bag.

Prepare for this ordeal by writing up a list of the things you're planning on picking up on the way home to console yourself: Tiramisu, berry tarts, wonderful cheeses, fresh fruit, only the best ice cream... It's entirely warranted.

You cannot be the only person who muppet-flails at the Taxman. I am sure he is, if not exactly accustomed to this, at least not entirely surprised. Anymore.

I had to pay a bundle this year, but it only took me 30 minutes to fill out the tax forms... Don't kill me.

Sounds like there's a new Taxman picture in the making...

Ugh. I gotta do my US taxes here soon.

So terrifying, because I have to do them myself (a US return is considered a "specialty" return here in Canada and it costs ~$850 at the cheapest place) and I am terrified of doing them wrong and being deemed to be "hiding" money in "overseas" accounts in our checking account. Then I gotta fill out the US Treasury forms too, which they changed somehow.


I pay far less for that to get US taxes done in Canada. If you're in Vancouver, I can recommend the guy I use.

Thanks, but I'm in Winnipeg. My choices are H&R Block, a crazy $$ accounting firm, or a total jerk ("You don't make enough money for me to take seriously.") Plus a bunch of scammy places.

Although I have since been drafted into the proud(?) ranks of civil servitude, I do not have enough words in my being to accurately convey my thanks for your discussions of taxes. Never would have known about filing quarterly otherwise, and my Year of Self-Employment (nary a W-2 to be found for the first time since I was 15) would have been... a very different beast.

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