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Spring? Spring?

It was eighty degrees earlier. The air is like velvet. The Virginia bluebells that I forgot I had planted have come up and the oakleaf hydrangeas are unfurling their leaves. Even the Aruncus is up, and the pawpaw is covered in dozens of tight flowerbuds.

God help me, I think it may be spring.

I've planted beans and nasturtiums. I am going off to Texas next week to birdwatch en masse with friends, and when I come back, it will be time to plant tomatoes and basil and--lord willing--things will be more than little green clumps, and the garden will look more like a garden and less like a desert of dead oak leaves.

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Where did you get the pawpaws? Do you eat the fruit?

I've been thinking about planting some (my lot is rich in oak trees, so understory Я us), but have never had the opportunity to sample the fruit.

I ordered one on-line and got the other from a local nursery--they're self-sterile, so you have to get two different cultivars. As of yet, they've never set fruit, because the second one is smaller and stuffed under an oak tree. I hold out hope!

We have one giant pawpaw in our yard. A couple of times it has dropped teeny fruits, but one summer it actually had a number of good-sized fruits - enough that we had to look up a recipe for pawpaw bread! Basically using the "Ozark banana" instead of ordinary banana. The greenish-yellow fruit turned the bread an odd pinkish shade, but it was good!

We only ever really had that one year for real fruit, so I wonder what the deal was?

It was 70 here in Ohio and I had the same reaction. Dear gods, winter is finally over! I don't care if it snows at all in April like it sometimes does in Ohio, fuck you winter we made it to April, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

My social media is absolutely full of comments like this these days. I swear, the entire eastern two-thirds of the country went through hell this year. I'm glad you all made it through.

In the last few days I've planted 30 tomatoes, a dozen various peppers, some cucumbers, radishes, carrots, onions (not holding out much hope for them) and we're not even close to done...

I don't know what part of Texas you're coming to, but the SE part of it has had beautiful weather this last week

Heh heh heh.

Here in NV we've got the lowest snowpack level on record and most of our water comes from snowpack.

My reaction today was "Shit. It's Spring. Where the hell was Winter?!"

Sigh. Another drought. Yay.

I'm right there with you. We got a ton of snow storms this season, but nothing terribly moist and it was mostly in the lower regions, so our reservoirs are already low. I'm hoping and wishing and praying we get dumped on this month, or our fire season will be awful. (It's already starting- there have been three or four fires in the last week alone, though to be the results of careless cigarette users, though one was obviously arson. Some guy decided he wanted to be a hero so he set the grass outside his apartment on fire, then tried to put it out by stepping on it. *sigh*)

Yeah, I hear you on the fire seasons. Ours are usually set off by lightning storms, i.e. lots of sparks with no water to help put out the resulting brushfires. (Mother nature has it out for us, I swear.)

...how exactly does one be a hero by setting one's grass on fire? I am baffled by this logic. O_o

Oh, it gets better! I used to live in Colorado. A PARK RANGER started a grass fire and ended up burning several tens of thousands of acres. It made records. There were conflicting reports as to why, some said she was trying to be a hero, others said she was burning love letters from an ex.




*is totally and completely at a loss for words*

I went for a walk at Umstead yesterday. It's a weird feeling hiking through the forest when it's 80 degrees, yet none of the deciduous trees have leafed out yet. I saw some blooming spring beauties and trout lily though. Along with kids swimming in the creek. Weather is weird, man.

My south-facing window sills are full of snapdragon, tomato, and dianthus seedlings, plus a couple of old yoghurt containers full of sweet peas and morning glories that are threatening to take over the world already. But it snowed a bit yesterday, and there was frost this morning, so I can't move anything outside just yet, even though we've had days that went up towards 15-20 degrees (C). The spring has sprung, and it's wobbling all over the place.

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Hard to believe, isn't it?

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