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Green Jay Saint

6 x 12 mixed media on board

Among the birds I saw on my recent trip to Texas, the Green Jays were one of the most effortlessly spectacular. I have honestly never met a member of the jay clan that wasn’t ridiculously beautiful, but the Green Jays were just incredible, almost luminous. So of course I had to paint one.

Not a saint I’m likely to encounter in my garden, but a marvelous one all the same.

Prints available.

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Shame he isn't the patron saint of funding Kickstarter campaigns. Need someone's help to fund Bullfrogs. I mean really, custom froggie meeples! So close....


But very cool bird. I think you captured the spirit of the jay well.

I do so love your Animal Saints. They're so beautiful.

How have I never heard of these birds before. Wow!

and a gorgeous painting too :D

(Deleted comment)
I know the feeling. Mostly what I get here in western Washington state are juncos, chickadees, robins, and the occasional Steller's Jay or flicker. And crows. Lots and lots and lots of crows.

Another saint - huzzah! I do love these.

Need more Birds!!

Every time you do something with birds I say YAY!! you need more bird pictures done!

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