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Cheshire Saint


...And the saint spoke to them, saying "All, all, all are mad, all things that crawl upon the earth or swim upon the waters, all creatures that draw breath, all are mad and there is no sane one among them." And the people hearing this were sorely vexed and there was no tea to console them.

-- The Book of Wonder

Digital, 8 x 16.

Prints Available


In this case, I am not sure we are using the word Saint in the same way...

That would depend upon which deity he's a saint of surely?

Would that the people had patience with madness, for then they would see that the heart of the saint bears the pot, and from the throat of the saint comes the tea.

...this is marvelous, and it ought to be embroidered on something. I'm serious.


If you meet the Cheshire on the road, grin back. **sound of a distant, ethereal gong**

I like the little teapot necklace.

Become one with the smile.

eeeeeeeeeee, LOVE the cheshire saint! <3 <3 <3

Cheshire's eyelids look like teacups.

I think he is gorgeous. Oddly enough he is right, we're all mad in our own ways. :¬D

As my dear departed mother would have it...

"All the world's queer, save thee and me; and even thee's a little queer..."

Oh, and gorgeous detail in it!

One should never be vexed without conciliatory tea.