UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Fifty Species GOOOOOAL!

So a few days ago, at the end of April, I actually achieved my goal of finding fifty new species in the garden this year.

You can read all about it here, if you are so inclined.

The problem I find is that it's hard to stop. I am still out taking photos of moths. I still want to know What Is That Thing There?

So my new goal is to hit 300 species this year. I was at 279 when I made 50 species, so that's a perfectly doable goal (and should I attain it in a month or two, maybe I'll aim at a hundred for the year or something...)

Since you probably don't need every single species, I'll limit myself to a few highlights...

#50 was Hypsoropha monilis Large Necklace Moth

(It has white spots!)

#52 Probole alienaria Alien Probole

They're messing with us with these names.

#54 Dyspteris abortivaria   The Bad-wing

Apparently this little green moth got this name because it's hard to spread the lower set of wings if you're trying to put the sucker on a pin for ID purposes. I feel there is an element of victim blaming going on here, but it's a great name.

#55 Zale horrida Horrid Zale

It's a navy-blue moth with a wavy brown edge. I do not know what is so horrid about it.

#56 Leuconycta diphteroides Green Leuconycta

This one's actually gorgeous.

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