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Affirmational Monster Doodle

Inspired by the complimentary deep sea fish from scarboroughartworks, I doodled an affirmational monster.


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That is one adorable monster.

agh... so perfect...
I have my first job interview in two years
and it has been scary
and I want this

and your monster is giving me courage, thank you...!

Good luck! Knock it out of the park!

It's a very sweet little monster^^

Would you mind if I I do a horrid, plain paper printout of this and stick it on my cabinet at work?
I could use it right now.

Go for it! And I hope it gets better soon!

Oh dear, I do love this on a whole pile of really nifty levels. I can see a whole range of motivational monster posters.

SSSHHHHHH! Don't mention "range"! You'll scare her muse away!!!

Complimentary Fish and Motivational Vultures

I love your cute monster.
I also like Scarborough Art Works I had never seen her work before.



I need stickers of this to put on my kids' lunchboxes and stuff!

I am a teacher, i would totally use this as a sticker on kids work! (I teach high school by the way)

My kids are in junior high and high school, and they would all love to get stickers like these on their lunches. :)

Or make these monsters available via Zazzle. Greeting cards, for example.

My work would be more productive if I received an affirmation monster every few days. It is adorable! ^^

you know, i kind of needed that. thanks <3

I love it, adorably goofy.

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