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Not Dead, Just New Orleans

I am headed to the Big Easy for several days! Best way to follow my adventures* up-to-the-minute is Twitter, but don't fret, if anything truly exciting happens, it'll make its way here when I get back.

*I am OKAY with not having adventures. If I just sit in cafes eating beignets and working on this book for three days, that will be AWESOME.

Meanwhile, have an axolotl.

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Enjoy NOLA! I had a blast there when I visited for the first time recently. If you have the chance you have to try the charbroiled oysters at Acme Oyster Bar (the one near the French Quarter).

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Yup; people keep mistaking me for a shrimp and sticking me with a fork.

That's the cheeriest axolotl ever!

Have so much fun! If you like eggs benedict, I cannot recommend the Eggs Sardou at The Old Coffeepot highly enough. It's in the Quarter on St Peter between Royal and Bourbon and it has a great little courtyard and the food is fantastic.

Have a blast! I wish I was there.

Edited at 2014-05-14 12:35 am (UTC)

I've eaten there! The food IS fantastic! ...and now I want to go back. D:

Salamanders always look so happy ^_^ (most of the mole salamanders and plethodons I've met, anyway. I'm sure there's a grumpy-face salamander out there somewhere though...)

Adore the axolotl - here, have the Axolotl song!

And in more serious news, may I pay you (or make a suitable donation to the charity of your choice) for permission to use the affirmative monsters in my classroom as encouragement for the students?

Absolutely you may, and I wouldn't charge for classroom use, but if you wanna throw $20 at the Audubon Society, I won't cry. *grin*

NOLA is wonderful! Just being there is an adventure for me...

Welcome to Big Easy! Have fun, stay safe. While you are down here, I hope you can take time to visit the Aquarium of the Americas and see our white alligators. Normally I'd recommend the Audubon Zoo, but it's undergoing some renovations, and some exhibits are blocked off. However, you can still see their white alligator, too.

You may have just missed the songbird migration season--last month, I watched indigo buntings, a hooded warbler, assorted finches, rose-breasted grosebeaks, and a couple of young summer tanagers stop by the feeder on the way north. Our winter guests, the ruby kinglets, have since moved on to their summer homes in the far north. However, we appear to have breeding pairs of red-belled woodpeckers, red-headed woodpeckers and downy woodpeckers all hitting our suet feeder this spring. The house sparrows, carolina wrens, brown thrashers, cardinals, bluejays, and catbirds are perennials.

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